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 Subject : Re:Seeking Supplier for Rigid Sanding Sticks.. 09/16/2021 04:35:05 PM 
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I use the flat emery sticks by the dozen:

I band saw them (I know--bad on the teeth) into what other shapes I need. The emery paper really cuts fast---not sure what the magic is there

Also, beauty supply shops sell nail boards that have value in model shops
 Subject : Re:Seeking Supplier for Rigid Sanding Sticks.. 09/16/2021 02:57:35 PM 
Eric Ryder
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Micromark website:

 Subject : Seeking Supplier for Rigid Sanding Sticks.. 09/16/2021 02:51:22 PM 
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Looking for a supplier for disposable wet/dry sanding sticks like the ones in the attached photo. These have a rigid plastic core, laminated to foam on both sides, with the same grit of paper bonded to the foam on both sides.

These sticks have served us well for many years but sadly the supplier we've used has gone out of business and my team has had difficulty sourcing a new vendor with sticks similar to this, sold in bulk. Wondering if any of my fellow APMMers know of a supplier with a similar product.

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