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 Subject : Re:Hydro Chrome Spray Painting.. 03/25/2019 06:23:34 AM 
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We used to use a system called Cosmichrome, and in the beginning it was alright. Then they keep changing the formula and you would find that in time the "chrome" would start to turn brown. I have parts we did in the beginning that are still "chrome", it's too bad cosmichrome didn't stay with the first formula. There is a chance they have it nailed down but it's too expensive to take that chance.

 Subject : Re:Hydro Chrome Spray Painting.. 03/24/2019 12:44:39 PM 
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It's been a long time since I used chrome spray paint (Alsa Chrome) but I remember you have to apply primer and a black topcoat before you use the chrome. Those coats have to each cure fully. When you spray the chrome you have to do it in very many light layers in order to get the best effect. Finally, you have to clearcoat it, and that's when the color tinting can happen. You might have to allow at least 3 days for all this painting and curing. I don't think the final effect looks as good as plating a perfectly smooth part, but it might be good enough. I'm sure the manufacturer can send you a painted sample. Good luck!
 Subject : Hydro Chrome Spray Painting.. 03/23/2019 12:32:38 AM 
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I had been electroplating my mockup parts from outside vendor, who is situated approx. 800 kms from my workshop. We provide polished virgin ABS milled parts to our vendor. It consumes lot of travel time and logistic efforts.

Alternatively, I want to check if anyone from our forum have experienced Hydro Chrome spray system. I saw on internet, which claims it provides effect similar to chrome, along with advantage of coloured chrome and can be used on any substrate material. Had anyone experienced, checked and compared the finish visually.

Is it worth investing compared to electroplating. Our job size varies and can go upto 1000mm X 500 mm X 200 mm.

Can the spray system be made in-house with local resources?

Awaiting for some enlightenment.

Best regards,
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