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 Subject : Re:Double sided tape question.. 07/01/2020 02:07:28 PM 
Andrew Renwick
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I use Matak from Midlandpaper 18"x22" -has a clear carrier and sticks really well or opticlear will do as well. For less permanent bonding like making your own sanding sticks I use ePlastic nitto -a White Double sided tape with a paper carrier.
 Subject : Re:Double sided tape question.. 07/01/2020 12:30:26 PM 
Jenny Tommos
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Late answer:
I use 3M 9832 for almost everything. Phenomenally strong hold.


Uline and Amazon sells it.
For a while there was a glitch on the Amazon site, so you could order 24 1.5" rolls for the price of one roll.. They caught on after a year, so it's back to normal pricing, unfortunately.

I think 3M9832 was designed to attach Formica to MDF permanently. It has revolutionized how I build architectural models. Attaching veneer to plywood = 3M9832. Attaching basswood context buildings to a base = 3M9832.
The tape is transparent and almost colorless.
 Subject : Re:Double sided tape question.. 07/18/2019 11:01:04 AM 
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Thank you both for the recommendation.
I will try them both.

 Subject : Re:Double sided tape question.. 07/17/2019 09:30:15 AM 
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I have been using Spectape for many years and highly recommend them. I get the ST-501 (paper) and the ST-595 (clear-ish polyester)
Good luck,
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 Subject : Re:Double sided tape question.. 07/17/2019 09:20:44 AM 
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We get our clear double-stick from this website.


The one we use is JVCC, but you can plug in various parameters and maybe find something more to your liking. For our purposes, the one I linked is a nice clear tape that's very thin and pretty tenacious in terms of bond strength.
 Subject : Double sided tape question.. 07/17/2019 08:49:09 AM 
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I used to use a Nichiban double-sided tape for sticking together models/parts.
It was temporarily permanent and worked fantastically.
Naturally, it is not longer available.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a fairly thin film, high tack double stick tape? Not a foam tape, I would use this for relatively smooth surfaces. CLear would be ideal, but white would be ok too.

Thanks Y'All,

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