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 Subject : Re:Re:Deep Draw with Thin Material in Tight Spaces - Asking Too Much?.. 01/02/2021 09:21:49 PM 
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It can be done you will need to use a female mold. suck it down into instead of over.
 Subject : Re:Deep Draw with Thin Material in Tight Spaces - Asking Too Much?.. 12/23/2020 04:25:42 PM 
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Speaking from experience - Yikes! That is a lot of material stretching to get such tall blocks so close together. The block radii are pretty tight for this, too. If you could form the blocks separately and fab them onto the flat piece, that would have a better chance. Good luck.
 Subject : Deep Draw with Thin Material in Tight Spaces - Asking Too Much?.. 12/22/2020 08:55:10 AM 
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Attached photo shows a unique request we received from one of our engineers recently, a test jig or fixture of some sort that they're experimenting with. They hope for us to use this part as a pattern to create several vacuum-formed trays in transparent material about .015" thick. The gap between the compartments is about .25" across at the narrowest point, and the compartments are about 1" tall.

We don't use our vacuum former very often (haven't for over a decade), and I don't think we've ever had a request for a part with such deep draws into such narrow channels. We typically use the vacuum former for more simple tasks, and none of us in the shop are experts with the tool. Just wondering if anyone with more regular working knowledge of vacuum formers can speak to the feasibility of the request as outlined above.

For reference, the system we're using is a C.R. Clarke 750FLB
Engineer hopes to use a transparent material, preferably close to .015" but willing to budge if it needs to be thicker or thinner.

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