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 Subject : Re:Re:Sealing OBO Modulan 302.. 03/26/2019 01:07:34 PM 
ross hoek
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I would strongly recommend using at least 40lb foam or wood for vacforms. We generally purchase high temp materials for vac forms that need extended life.
The vac formers we work with use a lot of simple wood bucks with surprising results.

If you already started cutting try a sanding sealer, you need something that will penetrate, not build up.

 Subject : Re:Sealing OBO Modulan 302.. 03/26/2019 12:37:52 PM 
Andrew Renwick
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I have not used OBO Modulan 302 but when vac forming I have found almost any single coat painted surface will fail if heated to much. Never tried 2 pack primer, that might last, it depends on the cell structure. Other wise try renshape 460 it does not need to be painted to get a good surface
 Subject : Sealing OBO Modulan 302.. 03/26/2019 11:37:20 AM 
Jake Urman
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Location: Manchester NH
Hello fellow model makers,
I am in the process of machining some OBO Modulan 302 to be used as a vacuum buck. In the past I have used Nason 2K High build Primer Sealer, to seal the surface but haven't been thrilled with the results. I have had instances of it heating up and sagging, getting stuck to the formed part and ripping chunks out of the form, and it goes on fairly thick, ultimately changing the dimensions of the part.
So does anyone have a suggestion for a product that can seal the surface os 20 Lb foam without adding too much build up, and that will stay adhered to the surface of the mold at temps needed for vac forming?
I seem to remember a great wipe on product that I used during an internship in college, but that was over a decade ago and I can't recall it now for the life of me.

Any tips are welcome!

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