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 Subject : Re:Laser cutting material ID.. 09/06/2023 08:55:21 PM 
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Hi Jeff,

We don't have many materials that we cut or etch on our laser that look similar enough to require an identification board to tell them apart, though I'll be very curious to see what your end design looks like when you're done. One of the workshops we're hoping to host at the Virtual Conference next April will feature a section on plastic identification, but we're still looking for a subject matter expert with practical knowledge to share on that front. Keep an eye out though.

What I can share is this, which is an example of a quick reference board we made, so our designers could quickly see what two common sample textures would look like engraved to different depths after the 3D printed material was engraved and painted. Found it to be a very useful reference as the designers would often go back and forth over fractions of a mm depth. This sample board has saved us a lot of evaluation prints over the years as they didn't have to ask for 5 different samples of the exact same print just so they could see how the texture would look at different depths.

Would be curious if anybody has a more direct answer to your question, or at least some other interesting reference boards or guides like this one to share.

 Subject : Laser cutting material ID.. 09/01/2023 07:10:04 AM 
Jeff Long
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I am working on an identification board for plastics that will hang next to our laser and material storage. Does anyone have any examples of what you have done in your shop? My board has spots for the 7 materials that we mainly cut plus space for the physical material to be attached.
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