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 Subject : Re:Reducing Laser Pulses on Universal Laser.. 03/15/2019 02:27:10 PM 
Panos Fiorentinos
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Was wondering the same thing with my laser and asked Universal rep.
Their response was something to do with electricity maybe the use another
outlet or power supply. It was awhile ago and I’ve just grown to love with it.
Have contacted Universal head quarters?
 Subject : Re:Reducing Laser Pulses on Universal Laser.. 03/15/2019 01:22:04 PM 
Charles Overy
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I don't think that those artifacts have anything to do with the PPI setting. I think they have to do with the hardware on the machine. It appears there is a long but regular interval.

Here is how I would trouble shoot. Does the artifact occur only when you cut right to left or only front to back. Cut those srips one way and then the other. Determine the typical interval of the artifact. (It may not always be the same but does it typically occur at a regular interval.) If the grid is inches that you took the picture on it looks to be something like 1.25 to 1.5" Lets say it is 1.25". On a step and direction machine there are a lot of things that rotate... You are looking for something that snags, snarks, or horks, every time the head moves 1.25" IF it is a direct motion component, ie something like a pulley or wheel that rotates, without gearing then you can use pi*diamter=circumference to look for culprits. IE 1.25"/3.14159= .4" So go check wheels and the bearings of same that have a diameter of about .4"

I can't remember if those black roller wheels on the fast axis are about those diameter but if so, I would bet it is there. They are replaceable I think.

Otherwise clean everything!

Good luck.
 Subject : Reducing Laser Pulses on Universal Laser.. 03/15/2019 09:02:39 AM 
Ernest Ang
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Hi all,

We have a 60 watt Universal Laser and need to laser cut something that has smoother edges and lesser laser pulse on the cut. We know it's impossible to eliminate all the pulses (duh....), but is wondering what can we do to not have the wider pulses as circled in red in the attached images.

We have been playing around with the PPI setting (from 100 to 1000) and cutting it multiple times with lower setting but to no availability. We would really appreciate any input you all have!

Thank you so much for your help!

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