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 Subject : Re:Low cost CAD software.. 10/22/2020 02:58:21 PM 
Mary Fugier
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I just to add to what Mitch shared about the impending Rhino 7 release. When Rhino 7 does ship, the Rhino 7 Eval 90 day will be released at the same time.

This means that everyone will be able to download the Rhino 7 Eval and run it for an additional 90 days even if they have already expired a Rhino 6 90 Day Eval. This detail may help you or other members.

(BTW we do not have or publish a ship date. Rhino ships when the beta testers say it is ready. All Rhino 6 owners can become part of the process and join the BETA here: https://discourse.mcneel.com/c/serengeti/25)

All the best in your retirement, very wonderful to hear.

Mary Ann Fugier
 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Low cost CAD software.. 10/16/2020 05:06:53 PM 
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Congratulations on retirement! While you are saving up for a rhino license I would recommend OnShape You can get a free educational license. It does open Rhino files. It works similar to SolidWorks. It does not have all the features that Fusion360 has but for working out design issues its great. I has really good online tutorials. Which in my mind put it ahead of Fusion360. It does not have the CAM functions that Fusion360 has. It is cloud based which has its plusses and minuses.

I will be teaching online classes for all three programs through our fantastic Maker Space here on Bainbridge Island WA called BARN (Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network) https://bainbridgebarn.org
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 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Low cost CAD software.. 10/16/2020 04:29:49 PM 
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Hey Bob,

I've purchased Rhino seats from Novedge in San Francisco before. Haven't added any extra seats lately but I do remember them doing specials when new versions come out. https://novedge.com/


 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Re:Low cost CAD software.. 10/16/2020 01:24:21 PM 
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Hey Bob,

As you know Rhino (and me) I'm not going to extoll its virtues here - I'm sure you are quite familiar with them. If there is any way you can swing a Rhino license on your retirement income, that would be what I would recommend. As we are on the cusp of a V7 release, I might wait until it is released to avoid paying an upgrade and be more future-proof. In the US there are some software vendors (who shall remain nameless) that offer significant discounts over the 'retail' price.

Happy retirement and hope to see you virtually one of these days in one of the APMM online meet-ups. I am bummed that the 2021 conference is not going to happen on-site in Seattle. :-(
 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Low cost CAD software.. 10/16/2020 12:07:04 PM 
Mary Fugier
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Hi Bob,
There are many good options.
Have you tried Rhinoceros? It writes the 3DM file. so it is 100% compatible. Here is the link to the 90 day eval.

Rhino does have CAD features like annotations, dimensions, hatch, layouts, print weights, linetype, display order.
Some of our users call it, RhinoCAD. It also has full 3D surface and solid modeling (subd in Rhino 7), rendering and export to over 25 formats like STL, OBJ and more for 3D printing.

Rhino is a perpetual license, not subscription. And your 3DM files are not on the cloud like 360, it is on your computer for security. We do have educational pricing for those that qualify. There are no mandates to upgrade. If an older version is working, keep using it. Rhino 6 license configured with the CloudZoo is a dual license for both Windows and Mac os. And with CloudZoo installation will allow you to run Rhino on any computer in your control.

BTW we are registered vendors with the APMM.
So let me know if you have any additional questions.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
[email protected]
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 Subject : Re:Re:Low cost CAD software.. 10/16/2020 11:17:25 AM 
Matt Williquette
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As long as your not using it to make profit, i'd highly suggest Fusion 360. I've been using SolidWorks for 20+ years and have found it super easy to learn and navigate. Worth checking it out since it's FREE!!

Even if you decide you need to purchase a seat, it's 40% off right now which makes it just over $200 for a seat i believe.
 Subject : Re:Low cost CAD software.. 10/16/2020 11:10:54 AM 
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Not sure about compatibility, but I recall being really impressed with OnShape when I looked at it a few months back. Think some of the creators are ex-Solidworks designers. There are other members here who are familiar with it and may be able to tell you more.
 Subject : Low cost CAD software.. 10/16/2020 11:00:12 AM 
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Esteemed Members,
Having just retired, I find I really miss not having CAD to run to when I want to figure out a structure or something that I want to make again. I was really getting comfortable with Rhino and have several files that I want to access.

I am looking for recommendations on CAD software that is relatively cheap, hopefully compatible with Rhino 3DM files, and download as opposed to subscription.

Thanks and Cheers!
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