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 Subject : Polishing With a Wheel.. 09/13/2018 02:02:24 PM 
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Here's a tip from Rich Coleman. Warning: contains math.
You can't go wrong buying a Baldor buffer,it will still be going strong after 25 or 30 years.The biggest issue in polishing plastics is "SFPM", Surface Feet Per Minute to determine the dia. of the wheel and the RPM of the buffer.
SFPM Formula: SFPM of wheel equals 1/4 diameter of wheel multiplied by spindle speed.
Example, 8 in. dia. wheel at 3600 RPM equals 2 X 3600 = 7200 SFPM.
For best results your wheel should maintain a surface speed of 3000 to 7500 SFPM. Make sure you're buying enough horse power so the motor won't bog down when you start applying force to the wheel. The higher the speed the better and quicker the results. We use a two wheel system, one with the polishing compound and one clean wheel for clean up.
The trick is keeping the pressure on the wheel as light as possible so you don't "burn" the plastic but hard enough to work the surface. The finer you sand the easier the buffing.
Safety equipment, USE a FACE SHIELD, the buffer throws a rooster tail of compound and cotton debris. Also a piece of foam with carpet on top under the buffer can save a part from destruction when the wheel grabs your part and throws it to the ground.
Divine Brothers is a great source for all your buffing supply needs.
Good Luck,
Richard Coleman
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