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 Subject : Re:Finer Scanning Sprays.. 03/17/2022 01:15:43 PM 
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Try unloading the fluid from the spray can and let it sit to release any gases from the fluid. it may need to be thinned to use in an air brush! Also try GessweinJewelery and mental polishingg supplies.
 Subject : Finer Scanning Sprays.. 03/17/2022 11:15:17 AM 
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I'm looking for an ultra fine solution to scanning sprays other than the rattle-can variety, which are heavy for my typical high detail, small, polished metal parts. Since the base parts are metal, clean-off isn't an issue.

Are there any off-the-shelf solutions that can be applied with an airbrush (dedicated ventilation)providing more spot control?

I'm finding a possible solution with TiO2 powder and ISO, but am hoping there may be a less dangerous solution.

So far, I've been working with rattle-can Aesub, blue vanishing and basic white.
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