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 Subject : Re:Photogrammetry--AutoDesk ReCap.. 09/19/2018 03:12:20 PM 
Charles Overy
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We did a big project in ReCap. We had to scan about 40 large boulders for a landscape company and then 3d print 1" = 4' models of them to "play" with. They were making a custom pool. Recap worked well for these boulders with about 30 photos per boulder. We had to edit out the ground in each point cloud before creating the final mesh.
 Subject : Photogrammetry--AutoDesk ReCap.. 07/23/2018 01:48:49 PM 
Jill Kenik
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Has anyone found good success with photogrammetry as an alternative to 3D Scanning?

I Free Trialed AutoDesk's ReCap software with mixed results. Most of my work is small---under 12". A capture of a rather plain sculpture, maybe 14" tall made of wood produced usable results, after some quick work in Freeform software to fill in gaps and adjust geometry, but a capture of a smaller (4" tall), more detailed sculpture didn't yield anything worth using.

Both objects were photographed professionally, and we used a minimum of 100 photos.

Perhaps the process just isn't refined enough for capturing small details?

I'm looking forward to hearing both success and failures along with any tips. Very intriguing process!
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