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 Subject : Re:Re:3DP PLA filament.. 01/03/2022 05:23:09 PM 
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I purchase a decent amount of Zortrax PLA-Pro from https://profound3d.com/. My machines are all Zortrax which is why I started using this, but it has a nice matte gypsum white finish and consistent quality. Temps are a little picky--if you need help with those drop me a note.

Profound offers several brands of filament and good tech support on the machines.

I have recently done nozzle, cooling block and hotend upgrades through MicroSwiss.com on all the machines, which improved my printing quality over OEM parts.
 Subject : Re:3DP PLA filament.. 01/03/2022 05:07:20 PM 
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Follow up to Mike's post. Anyone have a recommendation for a reliable supplier of quality PLA filament from a domestic (USA) supplier? I'm not looking for anything exotic, mostly white.

Thanks in advance,

 Subject : Re:3DP PLA filament.. 01/03/2022 04:48:54 PM 
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Thank you Michael.
I've been remiss on getting this out to you.
Still getting the hang of this "new fangled" forum...
 Subject : Re:3DP PLA filament.. 12/03/2021 11:02:21 AM 
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Hey Patrick, sorry, been meaning to respond to this for awhile but kept missing our 3D printer guru due to holidays so just now got around to getting the information for you. We get materials for our Ultimaker from https://colorfabb.com/
 Subject : 3DP PLA filament.. 11/19/2021 11:10:17 AM 
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Hello all,

First post in a while.
I need recommendations for new supplier(s) for PLA filament.
I have used 3d Solutech, but am looking for others.

I'm using a couple of tried and true Makerbots that have been hot-rodded with heated build plates.

Thanks in advance
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