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 Subject : Re:Magnetic hold down clamps.. 11/16/2023 09:37:15 AM 
Alika Brooks
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Look into vacuum workholding. I have seen this system used before... https://piersonworkholding.com/vacuum-chuck/
 Subject : Magnetic hold down clamps.. 11/16/2023 07:27:10 AM 
Matt Williquette
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Good morning fellow APMM'ers. One of the machines in my shop is a Haas VF3 mill. Up until this machine i mainly operated smaller format CNC's and parts that normally fit into a vice. However with the VF3 i do a fair amount of flat work with it and sometimes with stock that's nearly as big as the table. I use traditional bolt down clamps that go in the slots, however when the material is wide in the Y direction sometimes i cannot use clamps to hold down the material in the Y direction. Not a big deal for when the material isn't that long in the X direction, but for the longer stuff i starts to pucker in the middle.

So, is there anything that would basically be like a magnetic block that maybe has threaded holes in it or threaded studs on it that would allow me to still use clamps on the table in areas where the slots are not accessible?

Trying to come up with alternative ways of holding wide material down when i need more holding power than say double sided tape.
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