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 Subject : Re:Re:Re:Looking for insight on CNC machines.. 05/20/2019 09:29:35 AM 
Jake Urman
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ross hoek Wrote on 05/18/2019 04:18:33 AM:
I now have 4 5-axis Mills so I actually have a 60" * 100" 5- axis CMS I plan to list for sale if you are interested.

I would definitely be interested to see what you have and if it would work for our application. I'll reach out to you via the email address in your profile for more info.

 Subject : Re:Re:Looking for insight on CNC machines.. 05/18/2019 05:18:33 AM 
ross hoek
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Personally I'd recommend CMS as the best out there but budget is always a factor. I have 3 CMS routers and all have been very dependable I've owned all of them for over 12 years. I purchased all used and CMS has been great with support. Although I have never used one I have no respect for thermwood and fagor controls. They just do not look to be built as good and generally lack good way covers. Don't skimp on a tool changer, the more tools it holds the better. Support is a huge factor, look at spare parts inventory and location of those part if you do need them quickly. If you want to go 5-axis that is a huge step so look close at how to comp the head and post processor cost and availability. I now have 4 5-axis Mills so I actually have a 60" * 100" 5- axis CMS I plan to list for sale if you are interested.
 Subject : Re:Looking for insight on CNC machines.. 05/17/2019 10:38:13 PM 
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I haven't shopped in a long time but we were pretty set on a HAAS machine for its capabilities, training and support. 5-axis on 4x8 bed has been really expensive for a long time but I don't know how it is now. You could consider getting 2 things: a 4x8 or even 5x10 cnc router that would have around 8-10" of Z, and also a small 4 or 5 axis machine for the same amount. I made some pretty complicated parts with the use of fixturing using a router.
 Subject : Looking for insight on CNC machines.. 05/17/2019 03:36:40 PM 
Jake Urman
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Hello fellow model makers,

My shop is in the research phase of purchasing a CNC machine. I was hoping some of you here might have some insight on manufacturers. Thermwood and HAAS currently look the most enticing, (I've also looked at AXYZ, Baileigh, CAM Master, Diversified Machine Systems, Freedom Machine Tool, FROG Mill, KIMLA, Laguna, MultiCAM, ShopSabre, and VELOX) I haven't ruled out the ones in parentheses, but HAAS and THermwood seemed superior upon initial review. If there are other manufacturers that I'm overlooking, or if you have thoughts on a manufacturer I have listed, please enlighten me. Similarly if there are companies/machines to avoid that would be good to know as well.

A little bit about our intended use: we'll mostly be cutting urethane foam, plastics and wood. From those materials we'll make molds, prototype parts, short runs of real parts, engrave sheet stock, trim molded parts, and some stuff I don't even know about yet. I'm thinking a bed large enough to handle full 4x8 sheets would be ideal, a fair amount of Z travel (we would like to machine parts as large as a small dorm fridge) and having 5 axis capabilities for trimming of parts (among other things) would be great as well.

I want to have options when I present the proposal to my boss, and honestly I think we'll experience some sticker shock for what I really want (Thermwood M67-510), so I have been looking around at the used market as well. If any of you have worked with any used equipment sellers that you could recommend that would be a big help as well.

Thanks in advance for any insights you may have.

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