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 Subject : Re:Dear Boss, Here's why you should..... 02/28/2022 04:35:22 PM 
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Thanks for sharing your comments. The volunteer board of directors is comprised of members from one person shops (such as mine) and corporate shops, both large and small. As a one-person shop, I’ve always found the conferences very valuable learning expenses where I’ve come away with information to build models quicker and better by observing techniques, asking questions and reviewing equipment from other model making shops, both large and small, as well as learning and solving problems through the conversations that inevitably arise when any model makers gather. These virtual conferences are far easier on my budget since I don’t have to close down the studio and pay for travel and hotel. It has always been well worth the sacrifice of unpaid time away from work and actual dollars to attend and continue my learning process.

As Bruce has indicated, you can get in touch with Sam and request some assistance that may allow you to attend the upcoming conference. I encourage you to join us for at least one conference before determining them to be an inappropriate use of our limited resources. We’ve been working hard over the past 2 years to increase the offerings to our membership. Feel free to post your specific ideas to the forum as an easy way to engage and challenge our board and clarify what you would like to gain from your membership in APMM.
 Subject : Re:Re:Dear Boss, Here's why you should..... 02/28/2022 12:20:05 PM 
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Hi Jenny,

We're hoping business owners will also find our conference useful and worthwhile. I understand it's difficult when you don't have a big company helping to pay for opportunities like this one. If you talk with Samanthi Martinez directly, she might be able to help you with costs.

On our side of the equation, we need conference income to keep our organization running, so we kind of have to make a big deal out of it. But in regard to the rest of the year, we've been holding meet-ups twice a month for the entire year where you can learn things and talk to other members, and we've posted some educational (and fun) videos and other things on Facebook.

Thank you for engaging with us, Jenny. If members don't share their thoughts and concerns, we'll never know what we can do to make the APMM experience better for all of you. - Bruce
 Subject : Re:Dear Boss, Here's why you should..... 02/28/2022 11:07:12 AM 
Jenny Tommos
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Realize that a whole lot of pro-model makers are not in a corporate setting. It would be my money and my time spent if I were to attend a conference.

APMM spends way too much focus, time and effort on this once-a-year conference. Spend it on the other 363 days/year instead.
 Subject : Dear Boss, Here's why you should..... 02/28/2022 10:43:43 AM 
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...have me attend the APMM Virtual Conference.

We've shared this letter/list of talking points before, but here it is again for your persuasion needs:

 Justify Conference Letter.docx [13 KB] : Good luck!
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