What is the MILE (Members' Internet List Exchange)?

And how can it help me?

 The MILE is one of the most cited benefits of membership in the Association of Professional Model Makers. It is your email portal to communicate with the hundreds of professional model makers, educators, vendors and students who subscribe to this unique listserv.

Here's an actual exchange between members that saved one of our members about $700 in about 8 minutes! Now that's real value!



If your APMM membership is current, you too can access this wealth of information, advice and sharing!

To Subscribe to the MILE, go to your member profile, select My Features tab, then click on E-Lists. Choose MILE from the E-List menu.

Go to Member Profile: https://apmm.memberclicks.net/update-member-profile


To mail to the list once you are subscribed:

[email protected]







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