Looking forward to Autumn and 2023

President's Letter


At this point we’ve almost reached the end of summer. I hope your workspace was cool and your business ran hot. If you’re anything like me, your free time has ways of filling up with activities even when the oppressive heat makes you want to go hide in an air-conditioned hole for the next month or two. Maybe also like me, during the quiet moments you find yourself looking forward to cooler autumn weather, gatherings with friends and family, holidays, maybe a bit of vacation time. While you’re thinking ahead or planning for the coming months, make sure to give some thought to opportunities for self-improvement.

“Once you stop learning you start dying,” or so the great Albert Einstein is said to have asserted. Words to live by, my friends. And it just so happens that the newsletter you’re reading right now contains more than a few opportunities for you to expand your knowledge, gain some new skills, and become more involved with your professional community.

Very soon, early registration for the Dayton 2023 conference will go live. This will be our first in-person conference in 5 years, and like many of you, I can’t wait to visit with old friends from previous conferences, put faces to names I’ve only seen in the forums, and shake hands with people I’ve become acquainted with in mid-day Meet-ups or Virtual Conferences over the past few years. If you’ve never been to one of our live conferences, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Having been to several, I can say I always leave with my professional batteries recharged, head and notebook full of great ideas and contacts to up my game as a model maker.

Simply put, the conference will make you a better model maker, and will add value to your company for that very reason. While the details will be unfolding over the next few months, I can tell you right now that we have a great lineup of workshops, tours, and presenters slated for you in Dayton. If you’re planning to go anyway, why not save yourself (or your company) some cash and register early?

Can’t wait for the conference? I know, I’m excited about it too. In the meantime, we can get some learning done and spend time with our friends and colleagues in the mid-day Meet-ups. In the past few months, we’ve learned how to work smarter with our 3D printers, have seen the inspiring and excellent finalist work from our annual Student Model Making Competition, and learned how to leverage social media to our advantage for self-promotion and professional outreach. Recently, we saw the awe-inspiring collection of ship models featured at the Glasgow Riverside Museum in Scotland, presented to us by the curator who literally wrote the book on the collection! Your board is working hard to ensure that the back half of the year has just as many great, informative, entertaining, and valuable meet-ups, and I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store.

As you can see, the APMM is doing more than ever to give you opportunities to broaden your skills and your horizons. Only you can make those opportunities into something tangible for yourself. Attend the next Meet-up if you’re able. Seriously consider attending Dayton in 2023 if you aren't already. Take advantage of our Forums on the website the next time you run into a challenge with some technique or are considering purchasing a new piece of equipment and want a recommendation from your colleagues. Contact me personally and suggest topics for future meet-ups you’d be interested to see. If you really want to be a rockstar, talk to me about presenting a Meet-up of your own - all you need is a unique skill or shop space, a collection of tools or something else you think several dozen professional model makers would find compelling for an hour.

Before you run off to daydream about cooler weather, make plans to attend Dayton, or go post great questions to the APMM Forum, then stick around and read the rest of the newsletter! There’s plenty of learning and insights to be found throughout, so make Mr. Einstein proud and read on!


Michael Scribner
APMM President