The Wide, Wide World of Model Making

APMM Meet-ups: twice-a-month gatherings continue


Since 2020, we’ve been gathering around the ol’ APMM Zoom water cooler for an hour or so about twice a month to talk about the wider world of model making and related stuff. You might enjoy hearing about, or even talking about, one of our upcoming topics. The most recent one was on the challenges of managing small model shops - with a panel of individuals who have had lots of experience with running small businesses. Before that was a meet-up on the other end of the spectrum: managing a shop in a corporate environment. We had some heavy hitters from Target, Steelcase, Honda, Techtronics Industries, Garmin, Google and Crown sharing their experience and wisdom.

If that sounds interesting but you couldn’t make it, we’ve got you! That Meet-up and many of the others have been recorded and made available on the website. For example, if you’re intimidated by choosing which social media platform will best suit your business needs, APMM VP of Social Media, Joshua Munchow talked about that, what kind of content works best for each platform, and the demographics of each. 









You can also get some hot tips on optimizing your 3D printing processes, learn who sells the best double-sided tape, and see some must-have hand tools. We’ve heard about some model making history through book discussions and a great tour of a Glasgow ship museum. Check out our recordings and keep an eye out for future Meet-ups.