We Are Virtually There!


Success! We finally made it! 

The APMM Conference is just over a month away - it is REALLY going to happen this time and we are ENTHUSED! The APMM has connected in ways we never imagined since that nightmarish board meeting nearly one year ago when we came together to postpone our long-anticipated Seattle Conference. We felt like we were at the helm of a sinking ship, but our community refused to allow the ship to sink. We shared ideas, tried new approaches, and recommitted ourselves to the importance of the APMM’s very existence. How much brighter the future of our model making community looks today!

The Virtual Conference is in sight (for the record: the fourth 2020/2021 conference incarnation), and we have new ways to connect with each other that were never imagined 12 months ago. The growing success of our Lunch Time Meet-Ups, Joshua Munchow’s magical video work for the APMM YouTube Channel, and the wisdom, willingness and devotion that members have brought to this difficult year instilled the APMM Board with the confidence required to produce an extraordinary conference. We proudly present the APMM 2021 Virtual Conference to you, our model making community.

Temporarily shifting to a virtual format has provided the APMM unique opportunities for a world-wide collection of tours, workshops and speakers and a schedule where attendees don’t have to choose which of the workshops and tours they will attend. Everything is included with no overlaps and no tough decisions on what to miss and what to prioritize. The only restriction will be your stamina. As of this writing, there are 12 workshops, 7 tours, 2 notable speakers, a trade show, t-shirts, and excellent prize giveaways. Yes, there is a chair -- thank you, Steelcase! But we also have a slew of other great prizes. 

With our list of worldwide attendees, it will always be happy hour somewhere, and you can join the BYOB lounge, open 12 hours each day, to keep conversations and connections going strong. Lack of sleep aside, you will walk away from the 4-day weekend refreshed, recharged, reconnected and overflowing with new ideas!

Being part of the conference planning team allowed me some previews of workshops, tours and speakers. This conference is bringing together some of the best ever. Just last week, I came away from a Zoom call with Laura, Caroline and Kelsey from the Hagley Patent Museum, who shared with the conference planning team stories behind some of the patent models they will be sharing with our members. I learned so much seeing just a few of their 2000+ patent model collection and now can’t wait to see the behind the scenes tour they are putting together especially for our model makers. We have established a foundation with the Hagley for what we are certain will be a long-term relationship. I cannot wait to see the museum in person once we can all travel again!

The Hagley tour is just one of the excellent opportunities that this incredibly difficult experience has gifted to us. Join us in a few short weeks to see and hear a very special conference that would not be available in any other way but virtual! Our members have reconnected and unified to survive the upheaval as a strong community, ready to continue sharing our skills and knowledge. Model makers continue to be a crucial part of everything that is developed. Join us at the Virtual Conference as we celebrate model making and our futures together.

Fasten Your Seatbelts
-- and enjoy the gift of the lemonade that we made from the materials we were handed.


Association of Professional Model Makers  |  Winter 2021 Newsletter