Where You Stay Matters

Why should you lodge at the APMM's host hotel?


There are many aspects to creating a great conference experience. One of those things is locating and acquiring a suitable host hotel for our attendees. Benefits to using a host hotel include:

  • Close proximity to the conference venue
  • Tours leave from hotel as central location
  • Events and activities are based at the hotel (like registration check-in and Pizza Meet & Greet!)
  • And most importantly… after-hours social gatherings!!

To secure a discounted rate, the APMM must reserve a hotel room block, which requires us to guarantee a certain number of rooms will be sold. Rooms that go unsold are paid for at a loss to the APMM. So, we need conference attendees to make staying at the host hotel a priority.

Because the APMM relies on our biennial Conference to bridge the gap between our minimal expenses and the membership dues we collect, every dollar spent on non-essentials is a huge cost to this lean organization. Trimming these avoidable expenses means a healthier APMM - one that will be there for a long time to come.

The APMM Board would like to humbly ask that members and vendors make every possible effort to book directly with our host hotel. Though there are many discount travel sites and booking agencies, and even other lodgings that may be a little lower cost, we ask that you consider staying at the host hotel while taking advantage of the extra amenities we've negotiated. You'll be closer to the action, won't need additional transportation, and will be able to enjoy the camaraderie and experience of the APMM community that gathers after-hours. I guess you could say that your booking at the host hotel is another way to express your membership loyalty. 

Through some aggressive negotiations with the University Inn, we were able to shift our schedule to the October 23-26 dates without penalty. But every room you or your company books somewhere else ultimately costs us $139/night.

The long and short of it… please book your stay at the host hotel.


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