Updates From Seattle

The unfolding situation in our host city.


March 6
The death toll in Washington state as of this writing stands at twelve. To put this in perspective most of the deaths are out of one nursing home. Yesterday we were asked not to meet in groups larger than five. On Monday the University of Washington Seattle will be only doing classes remotely. We wash our hands a lot for long periods of time. Most people are not sick.

As of 3:45 our local theater group on Bainbridge Island is hibernating. No performances, rehearsals, or classes till further notice. First Robotics is starting to postpone matches in the area. Microsoft is having its employees work remotely.

March 9
The Seattle Comicon convention, scheduled for the same weekend as the APMM conference, has been canceled. This morning, FIRST Washington and ORTOP reached the unfortunate conclusion that COVID-19 is an event beyond our control, and in accordance with public health recommendations we must postpone the remainder of the 2020 PNW District events.

March 11
Coronavirus is now responsible for 25 deaths in the state of Washington, mostly in King County nursing homes.
Washington Governor Jay Inslee will announce a ban on gatherings of more than 250 people in the Greater Seattle Area. University of Washington said that classes will no longer be meeting in person through the end of winter quarter because of coronavirus concerns.

Seattle is taking the most advanced steps in combating the virus. Besides the ones mentioned above, the Governor has pushed for the adoption of "aggressive social distancing" habits. He has also liberalized Washington's unemployment benefits policies. Coronavirus and COVID-19 is being addressed as an economic situation, as well as a medical one, there.


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