Same Conference - New Date

Will we see you October 23-26, 2020?


As model makers, we have lots of experience, and a love/hate relationship with the schedule being extended. When the presentation gets postponed a day or so, that’s usually good. We can let the paint dry a little longer before assembly, or tweak the mechanism to work better, or even go home for the first time in 3 days and get some sleep. When it’s moved out a lot more than that, we just know there'll be rework on the original models, more models, or even chucking the models and making new ones. It can be frustrating.

When your APMM Board of Directors dropped what we were doing a few Sundays ago and picked up our phones to have an emergency conference call about the effect Coronavirus could have on the conference, we knew we could be dealing with one of those scope-changes where you throw all the work in the trash and start from scratch. Happily, that will not be the case!

Due to some fast action and skilled negotiating on the part of your Executive Director, Treasurer and President, we’ve secured the same meeting site and hotel. We generally start scouting that out at least a year in advance in order to get a convenient venue for as good a deal as possible. It’s a huge effort. Please choose the hotel who stood by us and be sure to ask for one of the rooms in the APMM block when you reserve!

We also spend a lot of time finding the most interesting places to visit on our Tours. I think we had one of the best line-ups in years and we even sourced some instructors and classroom space for hands-on learning. As of right now, registrants are on the same tours as they were originally. There’s still room on some of the tours and classes if you’re interested! Link to Tours

The Workshop situation is slightly trickier, because it’s possible a few of our member-presenters wouldn’t be able to make it to the rescheduled conference. We can replace any of the outside talent we hired for workshops, but the majority of workshops (including all the best ones) are given by you. This is another chance for you to develop your presentation skills and be more visible to your peers in the model making community! You have 7 months to put something together… Link to Workshops

On Wednesday, February 26, the Board’s scheduled phone conference was upbeat and sometimes silly. All the important arrangements had been finalized, and we were dealing with “the last detail(s)”. We even talked about having a Coronavirus Couture Contest, where trend-setting model makers would be judged on their best protective coveralls, respirators, gloves and other gear. Then, on Sunday, March 1, we had an unscheduled, uncomfortable, but not unproductive phone conference and decided we could still make Seattle 2020 happen!

Some of you might be saying it’s oddly convenient that our Octopus-themed conference has somehow moved to October. To that I say – oh look, I’ve hit my word limit!


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