Virtual Conferences - How Do They Work?


From the standpoint of YOU, the participant, virtual conferences are really very simple. You'll register for the conference, and be sent links to the Workshops, Tours, Speakers, and other events. Unlike many other virtual conferences and, for that matter, real-life APMM conferences, you won’t have to choose from among multiple tours or workshops running in parallel. Not only are we pretty much only doing one thing at a time, we'll be recording and rebroadcasting almost every event so you’ll be able to catch anything you missed. You pull up a computer, pour yourself a beverage, and join in!

For Vendors, there’ll be multiple opportunities for engagement. Vendors can give a full workshop just like at a real-life conference. The difference is, there won’t be any other workshop at the same time. Also, we propose to have opportunities throughout each of the four days for any vendors to have an open Zoom meeting "room" where it will be possible to join and talk directly or view demos and presentations. Finally, we’ll have our usual Vendor Expo, where every vendor can have a room open for the duration of the event. The Expo and the daily rooms will have multiple vendors available to members at the same time, like at other conferences.

The Workshops and Speakers will be just like at previous conferences. We'll have a presentation, with some portions live, some recorded in advance, and then discussion/Q&A afterwards. We think most of our workshops will translate very well into the virtual world, and some will undoubtedly benefit from the opportunity for rehearsal and editing! We intend to have at least a few workshops with hands-on activities. These may require the participants to obtain some materials beforehand, so keep an eye out for announcements concerning those in order to give yourself time to get what you need.

It’s not an APMM conference without Tours! We intend to have many of our original Seattle destinations give a virtual tour, along with other places from literally around the world. There will be a mixture of working shops, educational facilities, and museums with a strong model display element. You’ll have an opportunity to interact with the tour host during and/or after the tour, and with each other on what could be called the “Zoom Bus” between tours.

This is going to be an outstanding four days with plenty to see and learn, and opportunities to ask questions, get help, help others, and just have a chat. As with every conference, the more participants the better! Since this is our first virtual conference and you won’t have to travel, and can even be semi-available at work and home, why not give it a chance and register? (Details coming soon!)

If you've already registered for the 2020 Conference, your registration will apply directly.

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