Filming your model making


Like every conference, we’ll be depending on subject matter experts - our members - to provide most of the workshops. As always, member shops are our favorite places to visit, too. Now we’ll be offering these things online and we’d like you to consider making your own video teaching something or showing us around your shop. Imagine how good it will look for you to have some video content to promote yourself professionally and/or for your department or company to use when your customers and partners can’t visit in person!

Social Media VP Joshua Munchow is spearheading the APMM’s efforts to put our conference videos together and get more digital content out on the web for us. He has been preparing some how-to videos on what you need to know and use to make videos that pop. Here's one now! Links to those instructional videos will be shared through the MILE and on the APMM website as they are posted. You'll also be able to subscribe to our ModelMakersOrg YouTube channel and follow modelmakersorg on Instagram.

Joshua is making it super easy to contribute your own video. You'll record your presentation or tour, aiming for at least a half-hour of content. He will edit your video to the length we need, so don’t worry about “rough spots” or going over in time. If you also submit any relevant still images, he can add those into the video. For the advanced video production types out there, you can also volunteer your Zoom or video editing skills to help out if you’d like to do that. Contact [email protected] with questions or for more information.

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