Our Seattle Workshops are Taking Shape!

Lots of new topics, the return of a couple popular ones, and - for the first time - all day workshops on practical sessions!

submitted by Bruce willey, conference vp

Our Saturday/Sunday workshop sessions will be held at the Alder Commons Meeting Center, and the list is still growing...

Here's where you learn your model making skills

Arduino Basics – Electronics fun! Information on available microprocessor boards and the basics of using them. This workshop is independent of the all-day class on Monday

G-Code Primer – Stand-up programming. This workshop will help you understand the basic “universal” CNC equipment movement commands and how to edit things like tool planes, offsets and more, right at the machine.

Landscaping: Perfecting Nature in Miniature – Beautification. Learn how to use scenic materials from various manufacturers and proven techniques to bring your models to life.

Funda-METALS of Sheet Metal Forming – Breaking with Brakes. A hands-on workshop where participants will use some actual sheet-forming equipment and get an overview of other techniques.

What Makes a Maker – One of us! Come to this workshop to explore what habits and traits we model makers share. Be prepared to have your quirks honestly evaluated!

My Favorite Things – Must haves! We gather submissions of useful items and where to get them from the entire membership and share them in this workshop. Do you have a new/old tool/material that you’ve found you can’t live without? Send a pic, brief description and how to get it to [email protected]

The Voice of the Model Maker – In days of yore. An exploration of the history of Model Making featuring models from the archives of Thorpe Modelmakers in the UK.


Let us help you mind your business

“Fire the Laser!” Roundtable – Light manufacturing. A panel of knowledgeable APMM members will explore the intricacies of selecting and working with laser systems. Bring your questions and experiences.

Improve Your Videos – Action! There are simple techniques for making YouTube and other videos look more professional. A range of products and methods will be demonstrated. Let’s make some videos!

Cybersecurity – Are you running a tight ship? This workshop discusses security standards for data and systems that Microsoft requires from their partners and vendors.

Shop Safety Audits – Safety first. We’ll bring in a safety expert to talk about how studio and shop safety audits are conducted and some of the requirements and best practices.

Managing Large Prototype Builds – Big jobs. What changes when your project fills semi-trailers? Find out about how a big project is managed in both different and similar ways to a “normal” one.

Model Making in India: Follow-up Conversations – The other side of the world! Get an update on the opportunities and challenges Ideal Mockups of Nagpur, India has experienced since their last presentation in 2018.

Managing Personnel & Projects – Bosses are technically people, too. Are you a manager, or would you like to be one? How do we avoid the stress and conflict that can arise when deadlines and budgets are tight? Some ideas will be explored here.


You have to look out for Number One

Explore Mindfulness – Mind matters. You’re maintaining your equipment and tools, but what about yourself? This workshop will focus on your mind, what makes it work better plus activities you can do to keep it sharp.

Portfolio Review – Show your work! Are you trying to find a job? Let some of the top business owners and managers in our industry take a look at how you present yourself and help you make the best possible impression.


These two sessions will be held off-site on Monday during the Tours and include transportation and lunch

Arduino Wizardry: Microcontrollers in Models – Take control. A beginner’s class on the use of small computers in model making. This will be a hands-on “Make It & Take It” activity. Pre-purchase of Arduino components is necessary, as well as bringing a laptop to the class. Session is limited to 15 participants; sign up when you register for Tours.

Rhino 6, Grasshopper, Meshes and Advanced Troubleshooting – Virtual Expertise. This class is for experienced Rhino users. Developers of Rhino software will introduce the Grasshopper app which shipped with Rhino 6 and discuss mesh creation. Later, participants can bring up their own Rhino projects and get help and advice from the development team. Session is limited to 20 participants; sign up when you register for Tours.


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