President's Letter

"Change propels us forward." 

submitted by Jill Kenik, APMM PRESIDENT 

We are well in to November, (or early December, I blame the weather - ed.) and here in the Mid-West the change of seasons came quickly. A warm sunny 72 degree Sunday afternoon became a Monday with a high temperature of 13 degrees complete with ice and snow. I hate that sort of change!

Change is an unavoidable part of life. At times planned, at times the mark of unexpected opportunities, change propels us forward, presenting challenges and opportunities. I remember the first CAD/CAM system that I saw, more than 30 years ago, and my reaction, which was that I could make the part 4 times faster by hand and produce cleaner results! My stubborn attitude has become a laughable memory, considering my one-person shop is filled with computers, 3D printers, a laser, several CNC milling machines and many of my trusty hand tools need to be dusted off before I use them. It just took me a few years to embrace the change!

Your APMM Board is constantly discussing and implementing changes within our organization. In this edition of my President’s Letter, I want to discuss several changes that will help the APMM continue to both strengthen our community and serve our members.

APMM Development Committee
In the previous edition of The Last Detail, I encouraged members to consider positions on the APMM Board of Directors. Members shared concerns of both time and lack of experiences in leadership positions as the primary reasons for hesitation in stepping forward to lead. In response, we have developed a new committee that will allow you to test out an APMM leadership position, or just help our Board of Directors occasionally and gain quality experience without committing to a 2-year term with the Board of Directors.

The APMM needs model makers willing to speak up, share ideas and participate in building the direction of the organization. If you have a little time to help, or would like to explore a position without long-term commitment, please consider a position on the APMM Development Committee. Check out the newsletter article for more details!

Full Day Classes at the Conference
In Seattle, in addition to our usual Saturday and Sunday workshop sessions, APMM is offering two full-day learning experiences to compliment the usual Monday tours. Seattle’s own Robert McNeel & Associates is offering APMM Conference attendees a day of advanced training and an opportunity to meet with the Rhino development team for experienced Rhino users. This is a wonderful way to work directly with McNeel, learn some new techniques and possibly influence future versions of the Rhino software.

Long-time APMM member Chris Stanley will be teaching a class on programming Arduino. Chris plans to challenge our members by guiding participants through the construction of an Arduino obstacle course. Bracing for future changes at Acropolis Studios, I will be there learning something completely new for me as a model maker!

Bylaws Revision Proposal
From time to time, all organizations must revisit, reconsider and update their guiding framework. The APMM Board of Directors has been working for the past several months to update our Constitution and Bylaws. Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will find the Board’s recommendations for the changes.

Several of the changes simply reflect the way the Association has been incrementally adjusting operations over the years, such as renaming the E-Newsletter and formalizing the position of Vice President of Social Media, while other recommendations embrace the changing ways of our business, technology and our industry, like adding Maker Space Memberships, and removing the antiquated position of “Webmaster.” A membership-wide vote on the revised Bylaws will take place before the end of 2019. Take the time to read our suggestions and plan to vote to approve or disapprove our recommendations.

APMM is your professional community. Get involved any way you can and speak up with your ideas and needs. Together, we can embrace change!



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