Template for the "Big Ask"

Let's get specific.

use this sample email (or talking points) to justify why you need to attend the only conference for model makers in the world!

Hi there, (Manager/Decision Maker/Business Partner),

I'd like to make plans to attend the APMM's Conference 2023. This event, exclusively designed for professional model makers, offers skill building workshops, tours of cool model shops, opportunities to speak with vendors and suppliers, plus meet-up with other professionals.

The Workshops are learning modules led by senior model makers and business owners. These subject-matter-experts are sharing their knowledge, skills, and experience in a way that is generally not available anywhere else.

Another really interesting aspect of APMM Conferences are the Model Shop Tours. We'll get real behind-the-scenes looks at how other model makers do their work. It's a great way to benchmark successful shops and learn some best practices that we can put to use right away.

APMM Conferences bring together model makers from all across the country who are facing the same challenges as me. This will be a great way for me to use that knowledge for projects that we're working on. It will also allow me to get to know vendors and connect with other shops that can provide resources that we can use. 

 * Event registration cost: $650 for professionals; $200 for students/retired persons

Registration can be discounted further, with a sliding scale discount based on your personal situation.

The APMM is a non-profit formed specifically for the purpose of representing and uniting model makers, so they are interested in doing whatever they can to get me to participate in their virtual conference. Thanks for taking the time to consider this request which will give me professional development opportunities, and bring real-world benefits into our model shop.

All the best,
(your name)


Contact [email protected] if you have questions about our event that have not been answered here.

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