I can't come to the Conference because...


Yeah, we hear ya! Probably most of your colleagues who attend the APMM's Conferences have heard at one time or another why they can't go to the only gathering in the world specifically and precisely for professional model makers. But, if you're interested in attending an event with great learning sessions, hands-on skill building, and invaluable networking opportunities, you've come to the right place!

Now, the trick is getting your manager to approve it. To help, here are a few tips:

  • Present the conference as an opportunity that will benefit your organization. Coming to the Conference won't just benefit you - it'll help your staff, the company, the entire model making team because you will come away with the shared knowledge of professionals who have more than a thousand years of combined experience*. You'll see inside others' model shops and benchmark with the top shops in the country. If you could bring back even ONE really terrific improvement to your shop, your workflow, or your business, wouldn't it be worth it?
  • Mention the many valuable skills and strategies you'll learn at this event. (Reference specific workshop sessions and tour stops, if possible.)
  • Remind them that networking is important. It's not just helpful for expanding your own professional development, but it can help you forge new alliances, scout around for future team members, and strengthen your company or organization's brand through forming strategic contacts.
  • Use this handy template for an email or talking points when speaking with your manager.


To assist with budgeting and planning, we have a variety of registration options. Early registration will run through November, offering a savings of $50 to those who register in advance of our event. 

Register online (in Sept 2022), or call 315-750-0803 for special arrangements, or scholarship and sliding scale options. We also have a split payment plan to make your training and travel goals possible. Let us know how we can help get you to Conf 2023!  

Professional $650
($800); Early registration: $600*
Educators $550 ($700); Early registration: $500*
Vendors $700 ($850) for tabletop and registration; Early registration: $650*
Students $250 ($280) - scholarships available; Early registration: $200*

*Early registration discount applied through November 2022. Membership must be current through March 31, 2023 in order to qualify for member rates. Registration rates have not increased in years - to help you get there!



Consider these ways to make attending more affordable:

  • Share a hotel room with a fellow model maker (contact Sam at [email protected] and she'll help make the process less awkward)
  • Register early to save $50 right off the top, and ask for the installment plan option!
  • Skip the car rental and use Dayton's public transportation and the hotel shuttle
  • Present a workshop session (using one of your model making superpowers!) and gain $100
  • Set up an airfare price alert to snag your ticket when prices drop
  • Take advantage of the hotel's breakfast and snack offerings, and keep in mind the meals that are included in your registration
  • ASK for a sliding scale discount on the registration fees - all inquiries are considered!



Yeah, we hear that, too... until people take a chance and come to an APMM Conference. While our event isn't perfect for everyone, most model makers, or professional makers, or prototype builders, or whatever you call yourself - who participate in an APMM Conference find a group of professionals who are skilled and willing to share, an atmosphere of camaraderie not competition, and events that focus on the unique world of professional makers. That's why we gather - because for some model makers, this is their only exposure to, and interaction with, people who do what they do. We get you. Come and see why we're so unique and so right for you!


Email [email protected] if you have questions about our event that have not been answered here.

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