The Conference theme is often inspired by the city we visit, by things that are going on in the model making world, and in the world around us. As we talked about bringing more content reflecting the modern workplace's need for inclusivity and advancement, the words Diversity and Unity bubbled to the surface. Then we thought about how diverse a model maker's skill set is, and how, if any profession just "got it" when it came to taking disparate parts and making something whole of them, then it was a model maker. So, in 2020, you'll see us focusing on Diversity of Methods, Unity of Purpose as we coordinate workshops, invite vendors, and very specifically invite YOU to join us in celebrating all the things that make us different and yet cohesive.

The octopus symbolizes flexibility, creativity, and intelligence. It is also an unofficial mascot of the coastal city of Seattle. Model makers, like octopuses (yes, that's the plural!), employ a wide range of abilities, sheer ingenuity, and multitasking skills. What better way to commemorate our gathering in Seattle than with a clever octopus/multitasking theme.

This brilliant design (created by APMM Board Secretary Michael Scribner) will be featured on our commemorative Seattle 2020 t-shirt! So, it will be a souvenir that you can parade around the shop when you get back. 

Michael explains, "The logo was an attempt to tie a lot of ideas together in a striking, instantly accessible image." The Conference Planning Team had already been brainstorming around the idea of an octopus, with all the associations the animal evoked related to the city on the water where the Conference will be held.

"It just so happened," Michael says,"that the industrious cephalopod also made a pretty sweet metaphor for a model maker juggling all those tools and processes as we make our way through our work day." It looks chaotic, even a little scary at times, but you know all those arms are being guided toward a common purpose. "I handed our eight-legged friend a couple of tools pretty common to most model making professionals," says Michael, "then laid in the stylized silhouette of the Space Needle to solidify the connection to Seattle, and there we are!"

APMM President Jill Kenik agrees, "There’s dynamism and asymmetry in the logo, but also portions that are symmetrical and ordered. I think it works beautifully in conjunction with our Conference theme: Diversity of Methods, Unity of Purpose."

You can draw all sorts of meaning out of the "OctoNeedle" (as we're affectionately referring to it) when considering that theme. Maybe Octo’s head represents the model maker, and the arms represent the knowledge and skills we use to accomplish our tasks? Maybe the head represents the APMM and the arms are our members, with the tools representing our awesome vendors?

However you interpret it, this is one cool logo for our 2020 Conference! Don't miss your chance to score a free shirt while you share, discover and get inspired.

Conferences aren't just about t-shirts and themes, though! If you would like to attend and not sure how to get your manager/boss/business partner to sign off on it, check out this Template for the "Big Ask".


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