Now's the time to think about entering the Student Model Making Competition!
Deadline for submitting an entry is March 1, 2020.

2018 SMMC 1st place: Steve Ward/The Pooper Scooter


Named after the late Art Hedlund, longtime instructor at Bemidji State University in Minnesota, the APMM’s Student Model Making Competition is the only competition of its kind (that we know of) that gives students in model making, industrial design technology or a related field, the opportunity enter a model for review by a panel of experienced professionals. The student model makers who are selected as winners in the various categories are eligible for recognition, complimentary 2022 Conference professional-level registration and cash prizes!

What can I gain by entering the STUDENT MODEL MAKING COMPETITION?

  • Your entry will be viewed by 150+ professional model makers who will attend the Seattle 2020 Conference.
  • Many hiring managers and company directors will be at the conference to assess the ability and talent among soon-to-graduate students.
  • If selected as a winner, you may win cash prizes of $100, $250 or $500.
  • Each winner will also receive a set of digital calipers and free registration to the next APMM conference.
  • As a competition winner, photos of your model and information about you will be featured on the APMM website following the competition.

2016 SMMC 1st place: Kester Freeman/Butterfly Life Cycle

What are the COMPETITION’s categories?
While we always prefer to see a physical model, virtual or non-traditional models (without mass) are also eligible for entry. Depending on the number of entries in each category, certain similar categories may be combined. All categories may not be awarded prizes, but every model will be judged. Download the entry form

Architectural - Residential and commercial building exterior or interior, plant layout, landscaping, monuments, mega-structures, landscape, park design, theme parks

Entertainment - Special effects, set design, character development, diorama

Exhibit - Trade show, museum displays, merchandising, POP (point of purchase) display systems

Product Design, Working Prototypes & Engineering Models - Functional examples of manufactured products, piping models, factory, power plant, consumer goods, electronics, appliances, toys

Transportation - Cars, trucks, planes, aerospace, boats, trains, bicycles, wheelchairs

Virtual / Non-Traditional (Models that do not have mass) Electronic file format entries into the Virtual category require the entrant’s presence at the Conference along with all equipment and expertise necessary to display the entry to the judging panel. Electronic model files should include an accompanying printout with explanations of the entry.

Open Category - For models that don't fit any of the other categories.

What does it cost to enter the STUDENT MODEL MAKING COMPETITION?
If you are a student member of the APMM (either on your own or through your school), you are eligible to enter at no cost. If you are not currently a member, you must become a member of the APMM – student membership is $30/year.

What are the Official Rules and Guidelines?
Student(s) enrolled in college-level curriculum at an accredited university or college must have completed the model during their course of study within the past 18 months. Student(s) must be a current APMM Student member (Education Memberships included) or become a member to enter the competition. 

Student(s) must e-mail or snail-mail the SMMC Entry Form to [email protected] or APMM, PO Box 165, Hamilton, NY 13346 no later than March 1, 2020. Group projects will be accepted in all categories. Cash prize will be divided equally among all members of the group.

All registered entrants must send two high-resolution (300 ppi/dpi) images of their model to Samanthi Martinez at [email protected] by March 1, 2020. These images will become part of APMM archives, and may be used for future publications. 

Registrant is responsible for packing, insuring and shipping entry to and from conference venue. If you will not be present to unpack and prepare your model for presentation, you will need to make arrangements with someone coming to the conference to do so on your behalf. APMM staff or officers will not be responsible for preparing your entry for the competition.

What else should I know?
If you decide to attend the conference, you can take part in two days of hands-on and demonstration workshops and presentations alongside professionals in the field. We will also host a series of portfolio review sessions for you to have your education/training, experience, and projects reviewed by professionals in your chosen field or concentration. 

There is a cost associated with attending the conference, but as a student your registration rate, which includes some meals during the event, is just $250 (professionals pay $650) and even that amount can be reduced further if you qualify for a scholarship or can work as an assistant at the conference. 

Contact Samanthi Martinez in confidence at [email protected] for more details on scholarship availability.

But, you can’t win unless you enter! 

What are the judging criteria? 

  • PRESENTATION: Audio/visual, PowerPoint, physical, etc.
  • CRAFT: Fabrication, materials, paint/finish, graphics
  • EXECUTION: Techniques used, materials, resources
  • FIT/FINISH: Finished model appearance
  • COMPLEXITY: CAD, CNC, electronics


Contact [email protected] if you have questions about our event that have not been answered here.

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