If the APMM Conference was a sandwich, the workshops would be the protein! Comprising two full days of hands-on demos, roundtables, panel discussions or interactive sessions, we bring in industry experts - often from our own ranks - and present a smorgasbord of offerings.

Here are just a few of the topics that we plan to include (confirmed!):

  • 3D scanning
  • Lighting applications from architectural models
  • 3D printing roundtable
  • 3D printed injection molding
  • Techniques from fine miniatures for model makers
  • Processes from model railroading for model makers
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi applications
  • Prototyping with fabric
  • Museum restoration and preservation
  • Desktop waterjet cutters 
  • Making mother molds/cosplay
  • How to pack for successful shipping
  • Tool talk - favorites, new uses, and time-savers

  • Avoiding and minimizing dust hazards
  • Digital marketing and promotion/making videos
  • Small model shop/business open forum
  • Hiring model makers

  • Ergonomics and posture in the shop
  • Leveraging what the APMM can do for you
  • State of model making education
  • Career beginnings and transitions

To find out more about our event and plan to attend: