fun stuff - activities, events, things to do and t-shirts!!

Don't believe anyone who says that Conferences are only about learning, touring and benchmarking. We manage to work in a certain amount of fun, too! 

Industry Expo Activities - Prizes, prizes, prizes! As you meander the Expo meeting your next strategic partner for materials or equipment, you'll be picking up clues for a special prize. But all throughout the afternoon event, we'll be drawing names for the prizes brought by our vendors, our colleagues, and a few cool take-homes that we'll have on hand.

So, You're a Model Maker? - Join us for an opportunity to talk about model making, tell your favorite story, or share what brought you to this awesome profession. We'll have a sound booth set up with video and sound to capture your thoughts about your chosen field. When all are collected, the sound bytes will tell the true story of model making and the people who call themselves model makers. Or superheroes - your choice!

Things to Do, See, Eat, Drink in Dayton - Recommended by locals, here are a few things that you simply MUST check off your list before leaving the Birthplace of What's Next. Did we forget to include one? Tell us at [email protected]!

Commemorative CONF2023 T-shirt - Some of you already have quite a collection of Conference T-shirts so here's another to add! For first-timers: get ready to begin your acquisitions. Each shirt is unique and special to the location, this one depicts the 2023 theme Ideas Take Flight with a design illustrating the spirit of innovation that our host city is so very proud of.

Commemorative 2023 Dayton Conference t-shirt;
available to all pre-registered attendees.

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