2018 Compensation Survey - Results now available!

Last year, we undertook a survey of our members to learn about their job skills, training, and how they were compensated. The last time the APMM did a survey, the geographic differences were the greatest variable so we split this one up by US geographic region and some global areas too. The responses were not shocking or remarkable but the results are still eye-opening and may be able to assist our members as they prepare for hiring, promotions, and budget planning for their organizations.

Simply select the desired region/geographic area and you'll see a PDF with bar graphs as well as the collected data.
US - Northeast
US - Southeast
US - Midwest
US - Southwest
US - Northwest

One of the most challenging aspects of a unique professional field like model making is finding accurate and relevant information about salaries and other benefits. The APMM, having direct connections to members who are in every corner of the country and different parts of the world, and who range from junior professionals to seasoned veterans, is able to survey members of the community to gather information that, in aggregate, will help others.

2011 APMM Compensation Survey