APMM Ambassadors 

The Association of Professional Model Makers (APMM), as an international community of  professional model makers, students, educational institutions, freelancers and corporations based in the US, seeks to make strategic connections within the US and to countries around the world.

Yudit Lee
Bournemouth, UK
Ambassador for South Korea
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Jim Kellow
Pine Ridge, FL
Ambassador for Model Railroading
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Sharad Dahake
Nagpur, India
Ambassador for India
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Be an APMM Ambassador

If you see yourself as an "influencer" in the field of model making in your geographic area, consider joining us in forging connections, establishing communications, and strengthening the model making profession.

Here's how:

What you do for the APMM:
- Represent the APMM in your home country/region
- Post two or three times a month on social media (using Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn) with images and appropriate text to spotlight the work of APMM members, events or activities of the APMM, or any project or point of importance in your local area that would be of interest to model making professionals
- Through social media posts, personal contacts, responses to inquiry, and other communications, bring attention to the APMM's mission and purpose
- Encourage model makers in your home country/region to participate in the APMM at some level (either a paid membership or FREE Basic membership)
- Be a contactable resource to field referrals and communications of interest

What you get from the APMM:
- Graphic image (seal) that shows that you are an APMM Ambassador in your home country/region; suitable for including in an email signature line
- Email link from our website for people to contact you
- Professionals/Corporations receive complimentary business website banner ad for one year (value: $360) or complimentary professional membership for one year (value: $150)
- Students receive complimentary upgrade to professional level membership for one year (value: $150)
- Identifying signature line that states that you are an APMM Membership Ambassador: ____ (country or region)


Please contact us if you have questions or for additional information about becoming an active part of this unique and dynamic professional organization.
Email us at [email protected].