2022 Autumn Newsletter



Will you be part of history? - President's Message
Future of 3D Printing: RAPID + TCT 2022
Member Profile: Amanda Kelly and Panda Miniatures
Bonding: Together Forever and Messy Break-Ups
Covert Model Making at the CIA Museum

Will You Be Part of History?

President's Letter


Welcome to Autumn, dear readers, and the latest edition of The Last Detail. As the weather cools down, the yard work dwindles for the year, and holidays roll into view, it seems quite natural to reflect on the year gone by, and to ruminate on the year ahead.

As your APMM Board of Directors digs deeper into conference planning for this milestone THIRD DECADE conference year, the nature of time and our history, as well as the future of model making, have been at the forefront of our thoughts.


The Future of 3D Printing: RAPID + TCT 2022

Additive Manufacturing Event

submitted by NICOLE DIETZ

In May, I had the pleasure of attending Rapid+TCT as an exhibitor with B9Creations.  More than 400 companies exhibited this year, many showcasing new machines, materials, and software offerings for the first time.  


Member Profile: Amanda Kelly and Panda Miniatures

submitted by amanda kelly, as told to Bruce willey

Editor's Note: We asked Amanda Kelly a few questions about her projects and ideas. She joined the APMM by way of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. Her award-winning work can be seen @pandaminiatures on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, and on her own site www.pandaminiatures.com. Watch the magic happen here: Soccer Mommy - Shotgun (A Miniature Piece by Panda Miniatures) - YouTube


Together Forever and Messy Break-Ups

submitted by bruce willey

One of the APMM's goals is to unite model makers. This article is not about that. (Phew!) It's about some of the products your peers recommend when they want to permanently bond things, when they want to temporarily bond things, and when they want to get them apart again.


Covert Model Making at the CIA Museum

Models used as tools of spycraft


The CIA has a museum almost nobody is allowed to visit. Besides many examples of the tools of spycraft, there are a number of models that were made during operations to assist agents and others in planning and performing their missions. The one pictured above was used in planning a strike on a terrorist, while avoiding harm to nearby non-combatants.