We Are Virtually There - President’s Letter
Get Ready! - Virtual Conference Checklist
Member Profile: Paul Pallansch and Up-Close Realism
Vendor Spotlight: MasterGraphics - 3D Printers and Printing
Do You Feel Lucky? - Virtual Conference Prize Preview

We Are Virtually There!

Submitted by Jill Kenik, APMM President

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
     - Winston Churchill

Success! We finally made it!

The APMM Conference is just over a month away - it is REALLY going to happen this time and we are ENTHUSED! The APMM has connected in ways we never imagined since that nightmarish board meeting nearly one year ago when we came together to postpone our long-anticipated Seattle Conference. We felt like we were at the helm of a sinking ship, but our community refused to allow the ship to sink. We shared ideas, tried new approaches, and recommitted ourselves to the importance of the APMM’s very existence. How much brighter the future of our model making community looks today!


GET READY: What to Expect at Our First Virtual Conference

submitted by Bruce Willey

Use link below to order your special Conference T-shirt in time for the event...


You may be wondering…

  • Which kind of file should I be using and how do I know it’s safe?
  • How can I make my deliverables more digital?
  • How can I make my deliverables more metal?
  • How small does a toy have to be before it’s a miniature, and when does a bunch of miniatures become a diorama?
  • What really got sketched on that napkin in Silicon Valley 28 years ago?

We'll have the answers to these questions and much more! From an in-real-life conference that was cancelled less than two weeks before it was meant to begin, after all the work had been done and every moment planned in meticulous detail - to what will be a presentation- and demonstration-packed virtual conference, we believe we have delivered against all odds like so many model makers have done before.

But it's YOU, our members who will be the ultimate judges of that! See if you can clear your calendar from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening March 11-15. (Don't worry, there'll be lots of times in there for you to deal with those things that never actually get cleared.) Check out the conference information and registration pages and JOIN US!


How can we bring you all this amazing information?



Member Profile: Paul Pallansch and Up-Close Realism

submitted by Bruce Willey


APMM Member Paul Pallansch is a Model Maker in the physical and digital fields, a Dioramist, and even a Handyman! (This becomes relevant toward the end of the article) He shared a few thoughts on how he got into the field and how he approaches the work.

How did you gain your skills in diorama-building/miniature reproduction?

Like most model makers, I built models in one form or another from an early age. I started scratch-building by the time I was in junior high and found history teachers especially loved dioramas. It wasn’t just because models are cool, it was because they realized to make an accurate diorama, you had to do a bunch of research, and have a fairly good understanding of what was going on in the scene.


New Vendor Spotlight:  

MasterGraphics has provided and supported innovative print technology to the engineering and design community for over 70 years 

MasterGraphics specializes in helping clients implement 3D printing solutions internally to leverage the latest in Additive Manufacturing. This includes consulting during the process to select the right 3D print technology, followed by a defined installation process, and then finishing with award winning service support to protect your investment.  They have been in the 3D print realm for over 12 years and their focus has expanded beyond just prototyping to production solutions – 3D printing from concept to production. With MasterGraphics you can eliminate the need to create complex models and move to printing them.  


Yes, the Virtual Conference Has Prizes!

Random drawings for these prizes will take place during the Virtual Conference event (items not to scale). All registered participants will be eligible! Register now to attend!


                    Leatherman Rebar Multitool                   Yeti Insulated Tumbler              Hudson Durable Goods Apron


    WeatherTech Phone Holder                                      Petzl Headlamp                             Gerber Diesel Multitool


               And a couple of these little rascals


The Funda-metals of Sheet Metal Forming workshop will feature how to use a mini shear brake like this one. 

If you are interested in winning one of these, you'll have an opportunity to enter your name in a separate drawing after the workshop. The prize is sponsored by Steelcase in conjunction with Micro-Mark.



Finally, all registrants will be in the running for THE GRAND PRIZE: 


A Gesture Office Chair donated by Steelcase!

"Enduring performance for all people, all tasks, all technology. Perfect for the endurance sitter and technology power user, Gesture adapts to every move you make, and every device you use, to provide ultimate, long-lasting comfort and support for your body. With the most inclusive fit of any chair in our portfolio, everyone feels comfortable sitting in Gesture."




Good Luck to All Our Registered Participants!


Association of Professional Model Makers Winter 2021 Newsletter

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