Student Model Making Competition: 2021 #APMMawards are Online and On-Target
Virtual Conference 2021 Recap
President's Letter: Enthusiasm Brings Opportunities
Membership News: Welcome New Members!
Steampunk and More: Hagley Museum Re-opens
Ask a Pro: APMM Forums are Waiting



APMM Student Model Making Competition -
Online and On-Target in 2021 



Sometimes you go to the Conference, 
Sometimes the Conference comes to YOU

For the first time ever, you don't have to rack your brain recalling what happened at an APMM conference - you can go re-live it! We recorded almost every session and premiered them on YouTube. If you were registered, you can go watch them right now. Don't worry if you didn't register, we will eventually make them available for non-registrants to watch whenever they like. There might be some of you who read this article and decide you can't wait. You didn't register but you want to see this amazing content now? - Good News! You can contact [email protected] and gain access! Read more for a recap to tempt you into checking out the VCON videos.


Enthusiasm brings opportunities

The APMM is now more than 3 months removed from our long-awaited and often-delayed biennial conference. Already the board has started discussing and planning an abbreviated virtual conference in March of 2022. Finally and confidently, we are beginning to plan our next in-real-life gathering in March of 2023. While our model making world may still need more time to feel normal and for business travel to begin again, we can’t help but celebrate some of the great opportunities that fell into our hands as APMM worked its way through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Here's a little bit about our newest members and be sure to scroll down to the end for pics! Also click their company links, you never know what cool things they offer... 


Hagley Museum & Library Re-opening

This amazing VCON Tour destination has resumed normal operations with a big addition in place and more to come. The Velocipede Time Machine has come to life in the re-opened Visitor Center lobby of the Hagley as of June 1. Beginning September 13, it will serve as an introduction to the Nation of Inventors exhibition when it opens to the public. 

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