Summer 2018 Newsletter

Women in Model Making: Suzanne Brasure Schmitt

submitted by Audrey Farrell and Midwest Prototyping

 A recent graduate of NWTC and first time conference attendee Suzanne Brasure Schmitt describes her new career in model making.






Grand Rapids Student Model Competition Winners

submitted by Will Strange, VP of Education

For APMM student members and professionals, a highlight of any APMM conference is the Student Model Contest. We'll take a look at the winners from the Grand Rapids 2018 conference. 


Visiting The Geek Group
submitted by Bruce Willey, VP of Conferences

Our most recent conferences have included a visit to local makerspaces. Makerspaces are generally a lot like model shops with similar equipment and skill sets of the people who use them, so often APMM members can get ideas and inspiration from them. The Grand Rapids, MI conference included an evening visit to the Geek Group National Science Institute and some workshop participation by one of their staff. 


Social Media Makes an Impact
submitted by Joshua Munchow, VP of Social Media

An APMM First: We LIVE-STREAMED what was going on during the Grand Rapids Conference

This past March saw the 2018 APMM Conference take place in fun (if a bit chilly) Grand Rapids, MI. Overall the conference was a great success and the variety of tours, workshops, lectures, and adventures proved that the model making community is still going strong. What it also showed is that we have a huge opportunity to share our skills, knowledge, and passion with each other and the world. 


New APMM Board Members
submitted by Sue Wellman, VP of Communications

During the conference in Grand Rapids, new board members were elected to a two year term. 


President's Letter

Jill Kenik, President of the APMM


There’s a new face, and a new logo on the cover of the newsletter!  

For those whose acquaintance I have yet to make, either digitally or in person, I am Jill Kenik, owner and sole model maker at Acropolis Studios Model Works in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, and the new President of the APMM. I’ve been a member since 2008, and have served three terms as VP of Vendor Relations.  I’m grateful to Peter Mack for his four years of service to the APMM as our outgoing President, and equally grateful to the Board of Directors and general membership for providing an opportunity for me to help guide the Association into its future.

I have a BFA in Metalwork and Jewelry Design from Rochester Institute of Technology School for American Craftsmen, and a MBA from the University of Rhode Island.  Prior to opening Acropolis Studios in 1994, I worked as a staff designer and model maker for several New England small metal goods companies including Swank, Inc., and Tiffany & Co.   I currently offer pre-production product development, CAD, CNC milling, 3D printing and traditional model making services as a contract studio, most often in the precious and non-precious metals market.

APMM had a wonderful conference in March in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I left the conference with renewed professional energy, having met with more than 100 fellow model makers who truly understand what I do for work.  I relish digging into new technologies, and enjoy sharing the unique daily challenges of our profession with my fellow model makers.  

The conclusion of the conference brought together the new leadership board for the first time, and we planned for many exciting updates to help guide the APMM community into the future.  Our first step was to update the logo for the organization, which we are happy to present for the first time in this newsletter.  

We are building a new community forum, as a replacement of the MILE email-list, which will be maintained as an emergency resource for those desperate situations that require immediate response from the community.  The primary benefits of the upcoming forum are that it won’t clutter up your email inbox with conversations that may not apply to you, while offering a searchable base of knowledge and a better opportunity for community participation.

Once the forum is up and running, the next component of our short-term update plan is a complete rebuild of the APMM website.  This is a huge undertaking for our community of volunteers, but we believe it will strengthen both the profession of model making and the role of the APMM in its mission to provide professional communicationeducation, leading edge technology, and resource connection while honoring the traditional skills vital to model making and the realization of new ideas.

APMM is much like the concert band that I play in each summer.  Like the different instruments in the band, we all have specialties and feel a sense of pride and joy with our work, but it is not until we come together that we feel the true power and energy of the sound we make as a united community.  Be involved, participate, share, learn---feel the power of APMM and keep the energy flowing year 'round.  Model making is YOUR profession, but TOGETHER as a community we can make powerful music!




Association of Professional Model Makers
Summer 2018 Newsletter





Announcing a New Logo for the APMM
submitted by Sue Wellman, VP of Communications

Meet your new APMM logo!

After several rounds of possible logos and modifications to the most popular of the designs, we have arrived at a new look for our association's logo. We hope you'll agree that this is a vast improvement over the old image we were accustomed to seeing on our newsletters and website. Speaking of the latter, the new logo will soon be adorning our website's main header. We now have an updated membership seal which can be added to your professional correspondence or displayed at your workplace or business. To get this JPG seal certifying your membership in good standing, contact [email protected] and we'll send it to you.

Sample Membership Seal:


 Association of Professional Model Makers
Summer 2018 Newsletter


What was Your Favorite Part of the GR Conference?
submitted by Sue Wellman, VP of Communications

Soon after the conference in Grand Rapids, a question was sent out on the MILE asking everyone to send in a brief description of their favorite part of the conference. Here's what you said.


How to Use THE MILE
submitted by Pete Mack, VP and Past President

Learn how to use one of the most useful tools the APMM offers.

I believe the MILE is one of the most useful tools that the APMM offers. I’m not sure how many times I’ve read a post saying “Help, my machine is down and I have a tight deadline, can someone help me out and run my parts on their machine?” or “Does anyone know how to fix my…” these questions are usually answered in minutes, offering: “My machine is open, send your files” or “I had that same problem and this is what I did” along with information of where to get parts or what to do. On a recent post, a student asked a question for a paper she was writing. From that request she received multiple responses. Not just a quick 'this is what I think' but well thought-out responses based on personal experience and insight that just isn't available anywhere else. 

At the conference in Grand Rapids I hosted a workshop to talk about how the APMM could better serve the members. From that discussion I learned something I found surprising. Several of the people in the workshop simply didn’t know about the MILE or how to use it. If four or five people in the workshop didn’t know, then I’d bet there are a lot more who don’t know or remember what to do. This is the kind of low hanging fruit that is easy to remedy. The MILE is such a valuable resource I think everyone should use it. But what if you don’t know how? Well here is a quick reminder of how to log in and access the MILE.

I asked Samanthi Martinez, our Executive Director and the person who knows everything about the APMM, a few questions about how to go about using the MILE.


Q: Sam, How do I log in to the MILE to post a question?

To post a question, request, or share to the MILE, simply send an email to [email protected] from the email account to which your APMM membership is connected (the one you probably use to login to the website) and the e-list will automatically send a message to the other members who are subscribed.

If your APMM membership is current, you too can access this wealth of information, advice and sharing! To make sure you are subscribed to the MILE (and receiving messages that others send), login to the website and subscribe to the MILE. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Go to your member profile
  2. Select My Features tab
  3. Click on E-Lists
  4. Choose MILE from the E-List menu.


To go directly to your Member Profile, follow this link:


To mail to the list once you are subscribed: send email to:[email protected] 


Model Making Field Notes
submitted by Bruce Willey, VP of Conferences

Sharing your knowledge with other model makers is what Tips and Tricks is all about.

Model makers operate in a unique niche. We do an amazingly wide variety of fabrication and finishing. So much so, that among all our member shops there is probably at least one of every tool and piece of equipment, and a sample of every kind of product and raw material that has ever been used to fabricate and finish anything - along with a person who knows all about it. 

The APMM website has a new Forums section that’s meant to take advantage of these knowledgeable people (in a good way!) There are lots of topics on different aspects of model making to help you get fast answers to questions about the tools and processes of our profession. Most of the Forum topics are for people to ask questions, but there’s also a topic for when you want to let everybody else know about something you came up with, discovered, or learned. This Forum topic is called Tips & Tricks.

Please check it out and consider adding your own. Whether you just learned a new way to do one of the riskier common shop activities, or you discovered that cheap paper paint filters can save on stuff that’s a lot more expensive than paint, or you know which dish soap won’t cause paint bubbles when you use it to clean parts, or anything else useful WE WANT YOUR INPUT! The Tips & Tricks Forum is being stocked now from a variety of sources, including helpful hints from recently and long ago that were posted on the MILE! And when you think about it, asking other model makers your questions, whether it’s on the MILE or in the Forum, is one of the best Tips or Tricks you can use. Why not take a look, and consider showing us what you got?


If you are a member in good standing, you'll be able to see the Tips and Tricks Forum. If you have trouble seeing it, please email [email protected] and we'll figure out what's wrong.


  Association of Professional Model Makers
Summer 2018 Newsletter


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