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Workshops, Panel Discussions, Product Demos

If there is a topic you'd like to see, or want to present, please contact us right away!

Learn and participate in Workshops, Panel Discussions, and Presentations

Take part in learning opportunities that are geared specifically with the professional model maker in mind. Learn from experts, share with colleagues, further your own professional development while promoting the whole field of model making!

Technology/Craft investigate the latest in materials, equipment, and techniques along with the nuts-and-bolts of bringing concept to reality with leaders in the field.

  • Basics of DIY electronics - Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more
  • Electronics for models in motion
  • CNC machining/tooling setups
  • Finishes and paint systems
  • What's new in 3D and RP technology?
  • Lasers, just lasers
  • Lighting for models
  • What's in your fastener toolbox?
  • Dust collection systems
  • Scanning for Solidworks or RP
  • Options for compressed air systems
  • File Prep for multi-color/material 3D printing
  • Options for low cost CNC systems

Business Managementimprove the return on your investment with ideas on efficiency and profitability in internal processes and external opportunities.

  • Managing workflow in the workshop
  • Makers and the Makerspace movement
  • Project management/tracking

Careerwhether you’re just getting started in model making, mid-career, or seeking talented new employees.

  • Safety and accessibility options
  • Online education and sources of how-tos
  • Reinventing the model maker in modern times
  • Young professional model makers discussion
  • What does it mean to be a model maker?
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Informal portfolio review sessions

Vendor Demonstrations– product demonstrations and hands-on reviews of vendors’ products and equipment.

  • Contact us at if you have questions about our 2016 Greenville Conference!

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