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Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)SME_icon.JPG
We offer: Providing the manufacturing knowledge to enhance a practitioner's career and their organization's operations. Society of Manufacturing Engineers is a not-for-profit organization made up of people who are passionate about manufacturing. SME offers industry-approved certifications in a number of areas, trade shows and conferences, all kinds of learning tools, including the "Ask the Librarian" program.
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Contact: 313-425-3228 Jane Wellington
SME is the world's leading professional society advancing manufacturing knowledge.

Wohlers Associates

We offer: Independent consulting on additive manufacturingWohlers_Associates.jpg
Our best products: No one else offers a global view of additive manufacturing like we do. Also, we provide a comprehensive annual report on the subject.
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970-225-0086 Terry Wohlers
Independent consulting firm that provides technical, marketing, and strategic advice on the new developments and trends in rapid product development and additive fabrication


Anchor Seal, Inc.

We offer: Epoxies, Urethane Elastomers, CA's, Epoxy and Urethane Dispersions as well as RTV-2 Silicone Rubber
Our best products:
Epoxy and Urethane specialty house vs. off the shelf 'same as' me to type products at affordable prices.
View videos, webinars and demos: None at this time
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials: 35 years in business servicing animation contractors for Disney and Universal Amusement Parks as well as APMM members like Hasbro.
Contact: 978-515-6004/ fax 978-515-6008  Jim Chamberlain
Manufacturer of Epoxy Potting Compounds, Epoxy Electrical Encapsulants, Epoxy Adhesives, Epoxy Castings, Polyurethane Elastomers, Polyurethane Castings as well as Color Dispersions. Distributor for RTV-2 Silicone Tin and Platinum Rubbers, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, Urethane Mold Release and a Dry Gas Blanket (Burp) Shelf Life Extender For Urethanes.

Aves Studio
Phone 715-386-9097  David Brummel
Manufacturers of fine clays and maches

Badger Air-Brush Co.
Phone 800-AIR-BRUSH (247-2787)
Manufacturer of airbrushes, painting equipment, and water based acrylic finishes.

Camera Graphics
Phone 503-234-1967  John Zell
Makers of custom dry-transfers

Chavant, Inc.logo_chavant.jpg
We offer: Industrial design styling clay and sculpting clays
Our best products: See our Wide Selection!
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials: Many projects within the transportation design industries, fine arts and special effects markets
  800-CHAVANT or 732-751-0003 Jack North
Manufacturer of clays and modeling supplies

Coastal Enterprises
We offer: Coastal Enterprises manufactures Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane (HDU) and various coatings for the modeling, signage, tooling, marine and theming industries. Precision Board HDU is used for model making, pattern making, layup tooling, prototyping, sign making and thermoforming.
Our best products: 
Precision Board HDU is the greenest HDU on the market. Our sheet sizes (20" x 60" through 5' x 10') are the largest in the industry and are available up to 24" thick. We also offer custom bonding to any shape and size. Our free technical support makes us available for any questions customers might have, be it adhering Precision Board to itself or to a dissimilar substrate such as plywood or aluminum. Our full line of companion products includes primer, filler, adhesives and texture coatings for use on HDU and other materials. Please, call us at: (800) 845-0745 if you have questions or would like a free sample of Precision Board.

Precision Board advantages include:
  • Non-abrasive, can be machined with standard HSS cutting tools
  • Less dust, more chips for a better working environment
  • Completely non-toxic, contains no carcinogens or VOC's
  • Does not absorb water, will not warp, crack, rot or split
  • Densities from 4 lb/ft^3 through 75 lb/ft^3

View videos, webinars and demos: We have a fully updated youtube channel:
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials:
 We have a great relationship with Mr. Donn Arrell, topographical model maker and owner of Clinton Systems. We put together an excellent article about the art of topographical model making you can see at:
 Brad Burnett, Sales Support at Coastal Enterprises; (800) 845-0745;

Hapco, Inc.
We offer: Liquid thermoset polymers; polyurethane and epoxy resinshap_logo0205.jpg
Our best products: Hapco has been a world-leader for over 40 years in the design and development of "hybrid polymer alloys," including an extensive line of Food and Drug Grade materials. We also design and manufacture meter-mix dispensing machines, molding chambers and vacuum chambers. In addition to supplying materials and processing equipment to Liquid Molders, Hapco's Collaboratory is an in-house problem-solving center designed to help customers gain knowledge, solve problems, and find solutions. The collaboratory offers an opportunity to try different Hapco materials and equipment before purchasing.
View videos, webinars and demos:
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials: De-molding Parts, Reshaping Lives. For 40 years, Boston Brace’s prevention, rehabilitation and correction medical and sports bracing products have made them the leading producer of plastic spinal bracing products in the world. They are currently developing a cranial re-molding device that is used in hospitals for newborn babies. The innovative design allows the baby’s head to be shaped properly in the early stages of the skull’s development. Using plaster models and silicone molds, Boston Brace was able to create enough prototypes of the device to complete initial testing at Boston’s Children’s Hospital; however, they weren’t sure of the next step. Their initial thought was to jump right into injection molding, but with extremely high mold costs and a minimum purchase order of 5,000 units, they decided to contact the team at Hapco, Inc. to explore Liquid Molding™ as an alternative.
781-826-8801  Fred DeSimone

Thermoset plastics and dispensing equipment; polymer alloy specialists

General Plastics Manufacturing Company
Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer

J2 LED Lighting, LLC 
We offer: Distinctive products for a variety of low voltage lighting needs, unique lighting sources, accessories, and materials used in an assortment of industries.
Our best products: The EEL (Enhanced Effects Light) socket cable is designed for mounting into High Density Urethane (HDU) styling and modeling board. The MEL (Micro Effects Light) is a 9-12 volt DC barrel connector light that is plug and play and available in seven colors. Our UL2464 low voltage lighting and power cable is  a flexible multi-use bulk cable.
View videos, webinars and demos:  
coming soon
Contact: John at or John/Jeremy at 661-752-5753 (or text us at this number)
Lighting for a variety of uses

Matthews Paint (PPG)
Phone 816-536-8475  Ron Martens
High performance quality coatings

McCausey Lumber
Phone 800-365-9663 or 586-294-9663  Blair Wollenzin
Modulan Tooling board and other pattern making materials

Paradigm Design Associates
Phone 800-495-3295  Robert Hagemeister
ProJet/Invision material, wax printing material, VFlash

Reynolds Advanced Materials

We offer: Smooth-On Silicone and Urethane Rubbers, Urethane Casting Resins, Rigid and Flexible Expanding Foams, Laminating and Casting Epoxies, Epoxy Putty, Sculpting Clays, and accessories and much more.
Our best products: You are never alone... We offer the best technical support available anywhere and can help bring your creation to life or realize your production goals. We specialize in helping people like you convert concepts and project designs to a finished product. We'll point you in the right direction for your project and send you on your way into the material world. Our eight locations will ship anywhere in the continental United States. The bottom line is... if you can imagine it, you can create it! We have the materials and know how to get you there.
View videos, webinars and demos: Visit our YouTube page at 
Check out our Facebook page:
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials: (more to come…)
Contact:   888-904-1999  for the automated branch locator 
Everything for mold making and casting; 8 locations!

Rudolph Brothers & Co.
We offer: The Distribution of specialty - formulated chemical products to domestic and international original equipment manufacturers. Product line includes epoxy, silicone, urethane and acrylic formulations of industrial adhesives, aerospace adhesives, potting and encapsulating compounds, printed circuit board conformal coatings, Mold Making and rapid prototyping materials, casting and tooling materials, mold release agents for fiberglass, composite and rubber compounds and related spraying and meter mix and dispensing equipment.
Our best products: Rudolph Bros. & Co. operates on the principle of close cooperation with its customers, coordinating and applying its’ technical resources with those of the manufacturer to provide efficient and economical solutions to its customers needs. Trust us; we’ve been doing it for over 40 years. Rudolph Bros. & Co. is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing quality products and services at competitive prices. The philosophy of the company is to develop close, mutually supportive business relationships to help our customers discover new, more efficient methods to solve their technical problems with product design, development and manufacturing using the following methods: Factory Trained and Experienced Salesmen Lowering Total Procurement Costs • Commitment to Quality Accurate and Frequent Communications Competitive Pricing Accurate Counts Attention To Proper Packaging Requirements Complete Shipments With Proper Documentation On-Time Shipments A Dedication to Continuous Improvement
See our blog/newsfeed:
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials: Introduction of KE1300T, best in class CLEAR moldmaking compound, which eliminates two piece molds by allowing viewing of part for cut line.
Contact: 614-833-0707 Kevin Rudolph
Tooling board, casting supplies, silicones

Silicones, Inc.
Phone 366-886-5018  Myra Baumgardner
Resins, silicones, and moldmaking technologies

Silpak, Inc
Phone 909-625-0056  Jerry Galarneau
Resins, silicones, and moldmaking technologies

Timberline Scenery Co.
Phone 970-785-0321  Jim Wilde
Scenery materials, trees, ground covers


3D Systems
Phone 803-326-3900  Cathy Lewis
Rapid Prototyping systems

ADTC-Gulf Coast

We offer: Nationwide support and training for Alibre, Rhinoceros and T-Splines; 3D printer equipment and software sales, which includes: Alibre Design, Rhinoceros, Flamingo, Bongo, Penguin, Brazil and T-Splines CAD/CAM software products; 3D Systems, Objet 3D printer systems and plastics materials using RPT (rapid prototyping technology) to help innovative individuals, companies, institutions and students fabricate their concepts and ideas on the spot!
View videos, webinars and demos:
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials:
Contact: 941-627-9395  Scott McNamee ( for classes offered, training schedules, products/equipment information, pricing and design project quotations


We offer: B9Creations was founded to improve lives with technology and has taken the lead in making high-resolution 3D printing affordable. Hundreds of jewelers and craftsmen around the world use B9Creators in their businesses every day to bring their designs from scanners or CAD to real life. The technology functions as a tool for helping your finalize a design with your customers or helping take that design from model to metal via casting and molding.
Our best products: B9Creations fills the gap between machines that sell for tens of thousands of dollars and cost a fortune to operate, and machines built by companies with little experience, no support staff, no intellectual property, and technology that requires users to be willing to gamble for results. Our company has a proven track record of standing by our products, supporting our customers, and delivering on our promises. No other company offers the combination of high-resolution technology, manufactured in the USA quality, and customer support anywhere near our price. 
View videos, webinars and demos:  Here is a link to our YouTube Channel.  We do also have all of these videos on our website at: Follow B9Creator on Facebook for more updates 
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials: B9Creations was first introduced to the APMM via Jill Kenik of Acropolis Studios, while speaking at a 3D CAD software user group meeting that Jill attended. Like most professional designers, Jill was familiar with 3D printing but was less-than-impressed with the gap between promises made and the reality of the parts she had seen produced. Given the opportunity to talk with Jill about the true potential, real limitations of the technology as a tool for model production, and how she could access a machine that would truly meet her needs at an affordable price point, we turned her skepticism into a desire to learn more and see the proof. After providing her some samples and giving her the opportunity to see a B9Creator in action, understand best fits for its application, and the simplicity of its design, she made the leap into the B9Creator family. As with integrating any new tool into her business, it took some work to get the output tuned to her liking and our Tech Support team was with her every step of the way.



Formech, Inc. 

Formech_Logo.JPGWe offer: Vac-forming, thermoforming, and line bending machines for industry and education.
Our best products: Formech manufactures professional grade vacuum forming machines that are built to be reliable, durable, and easy to use. The model making departments at companies and institutions such as Kohn Pederson Fox (architects), Aardman Animations (Wallace and Grommit series), and the American Museum of Natural History in New York trust Formech to help get the job done.
View videos, webinars and demos: - Formech at the most recent NPE Show in Chicago. - Formech's new 508 series is introduced.

Contact: 773-656-2757 direct, 312-396-4072 office; Nic Neath, head of North American Sales

Objet Geometries
Phone 978-667-4700  Neil Ranney
3D printer manufacturer

Paperless Partspaperless_top_logo.jpg
We offer: Paperless Parts is about leveraging 3D CAD data across the development process. 3D CAD data is unambiguous and communicates not only dimensional requirements but also design intent. The unique tools and prototype services we offer are selected to maximize the impact on your design process. They help you design products faster, and at a lesser cost with higher quality.

If you are not ready to invest in a Z Corp printer, don't have the volume of prototypes to justify a printer or you just want to try the 3D Printing process, Paperless Parts can provide you Printed Prototypes on a service bureau basis. With multiple 3D printers, we can print you monochrome or full color prototypes, from mechanical parts to architectural models.
Contact: 603-595-1400  Chris Blanc
3D printers, scanners, software and 3D printing services

R3 Manufacturing
Phone 614-539-1844  Rob Young
Industrial Vacuum Chambers

Simplified Office Systems - SOS
We offer: 
SOS offers 3D printers sales, service, product supporting and training for a variety of systems including the MarkForged, 3DP, and 3D Systems products. Our team members use the    products on a daily basis in our 3D printing/prototyping services. SOS also offers a full line of 2D printers ranging from wide format to desktop equipment.

SOS takes pride in being a nationwide provider of the 3DP mega class 3D printing technology offering a build area of 3x3x1.5 ft using open source software, and any 3mm filament found on the open market ranging from PLA to metal infused hybrid material to ABS. This technology eliminates the need for scaling and can be acquired for less than $25,000.

SOS also sells and supports the MarkOne 3D printer nationwide. This technology offers a printer that produces parts as strong as aluminum at the desktop using nylon as a base material infused with carbon fiber, Kevlar, or fiberglass. This product is a game changer and can be acquired for under $6K.
Our best products: SOS offers a unique value proposition to our customers. We actually operate the equipment we sell. This experience proves to be a tremendous value to our customers. Our network of customers  have full access to all SOS resources for support. The SOS team takes pride in making relationship connections for and between our clients that help build value for all parties involved. We always learn from our experience and our customers with the goal of spreading the knowledge to our network.
View videos and demos:
SOS offers a live view of the 3DP1000 - wide format 3D printer in action . Simply visit and scroll to the bottom to see the link for the live view.
Customers, Case Studies, Testimonials: SOS is proud to partner with all of customers from the idea, strategic planning, acquisition and most importantly the support phase of 3D printing initiatives. We consider our company a resource for advice, benchmark printing and ongoing support for the transition to 3D printing. SOS also takes pride in increasing the access of 3D technology to a wider range of students, educators, inventors and the business community. Over the last several months, SOS has worked with the SiMT group at a local technical college to set up a Maker Space containing 12 different 3D printers. This resource has been a true value to the users and sparked three new companies to generate their product prototypes and in turn set up a manufacturing operation for their business. This commitment to our community is a corner stone of our company.
Contact: 888-914-7476 Kevin Hunter
3D Printer sales, service and product support

Z CorporationZCorp_logo_horiz_reg_org_blk.jpg
We offer: Z Corporation 3D technologies help product designers, engineers and architects create the right designs the first time. Professionals use ZPrinter 3D printers, ZBuilder rapid prototyping machines and ZScanner® 3D laser scanners to compress the design cycle, generate new concepts, communicate clearly, foster collaboration, and reduce errors. These solutions span the entire 3D CAD/BIM design process from concept through design verification.
Our best products: Z Corporation is the only single source for inkjet 3D printers, plastic rapid prototyping systems and 3D laser scanners. ZPrinter® 3D printers are the fastest in the industry - 5x-10x faster than all other prototyping technologies; provide the lowest operating cost - one-fifth that of other technologies; and are the only 3D printers capable of printing in multiple colors simultaneously.
View videos, webinars and demos: see videos and television spots...
Customers, Case Studies, Testimonials: read Z Corp case studies...
Contact: 781-852-5005  Olimpio DeMarco
3D Printer and scanner manufacturer


InterPRO Rapid Technologies
Contact: 860-526-5869  Kevin Dyer
Rapid Prototypes, models, patterns
Contact: 717-393-5310  Elaine Lockard
Shipping insurance for shipping models to end destinations

Laser Reproductions
We offer: Product Design, Rapid Prototyping, Model Development, Manufacturing
Our best services: 3D Printing + Stereolithography (SLA) + Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) + Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) + Computer Numerical Control Machining (CNC) + Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) + Cast Urethane Molding + Tooling & Manufacturing + Full In-house Model Shop 
View videos, webinars and demos: 
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials: Case Studies:  Testimonials: 
Contact: Phone: 614.552.6905   Website:   
Email: Sales Team at  OR  
Aryn Bourk at


Will Tait
We offer: CNC carving
Our best products: My services are truly unique. I am the only one doing CNC carving at this level of creativity. The processes I use have been developed by me.
510-652-1304  Will Tait
Custom CNC carving services


Delcam Artcam
We offer: CADCAM Software DelcamImage.PNG
Our best products:
Delcam offers complete CADCAM solutions from design and manufacturing to inspection.
Delcam software allows users to increase their productivity with the use of modern automated manufacturing techniques, alongside traditional skill. Each suite contains individual products for manufacturing and design which can be purchased alone as a stand- alone product or bundled with other products for a complete solution. Furthermore, Delcam is the only international CADCAM company that operates an in-house facility, this coupled with close relationships with suppliers of machine tools and other related equipment gives Delcam unique knowledge of the problems faced by users and allows the development of solutions that are both powerful and practical.
View videos, webinars and demos: Delcam is the only CADCAM company that has its own online video channel This online channel provides video of all Delcam products in action along with new release videos and links to other sites that videos that can be found such as youtube.
Websites: and
Phone 877-335-2261  Mary Shaw
CADCAM software publisher

Robert McNeel & Associatesrhino.jpg
We offer: Rhinoceros, Flamingo, Bongo, Penguin, and Brazil software
View videos, webinars and demos:
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials:,,
Contact: 206-545-7000  Brian James
Software development with worldwide sales, support and training; including Rhinoceros

SensAble Technologies, Inc.
We offer: a suite of 3D organic modeling solutions including its flagship product, Freeform®, which allows designers to drastically shorten the modeling and review process for complex organic-shaped products, and then efficiently analyze and prepare those models for manufacturing. Freeform is ideal for creating patient-specific implants, jewelry, decorative hardware, footwear, toys, collectibles, coins and other highly sculptural products.
Our best products: Sensable’s 3D design solutions provide modeling tools for complex organically-shaped products and the tools to efficiently analyze and prepare those models for manufacturing, allowing product designers to maintain design control and strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and manufacturability.   
     Based on voxels (think 3D pixels that can easily be repositioned in true 3D space), Sensable’s 3D Design solutions remove the constraints of topology – mathematical definition, geometry format, and order of operation – of traditional mathematical-based modelers, delivering speed, creative freedom and ease of use.    
     Sensable’s flagship product, Freeform® Plus, provides the flexibility to combine multiple geometry types – surfaces, solids, meshes and voxels – in one integrated environment.
     With Sensable’s 3D Design solutions, users model more intuitively through the industry’s only use of haptics (force feedback) for product design. Instead of holding a computer mouse, users design using a PHANTOM® force-feedback haptic device – literally ‘feeling’ the resistance on their hand as they sculpt with virtual clay to create complex, organic models.
View videos, webinars and demos: Please visit and search on Sensable Freeform to view many videos of Sensable’s 3D organic design system in action!
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials: Please visit the following web pages to see success stories from customers using Sensable’s 3D organic design solutions.
781-937-8315  Michael Joyce
FreeForm® 3D touch-enabled modeling systems

SolidVision, Inc.SolidVision_Logo.png
We offer: SolidVision is a leading provider of SolidWorks 3D CAD in MA, NH, VT, ME, and RI.  We are proud to offer a full range of SolidWorks products, 3D Printers and Scanners, as well as many Partner Products.  We provide professional 3D Printing and 3D Scanning services for your prototyping needs.  Our SolidWorks training courses are taught by SolidWorks Certified Instructors.
View videos, webinars and demos: SolidVision created Continuum, our online video library, to give our customers access to hundreds of videos covering many different topics of SolidWorks.  Registration is free, sign up at
Customers, Case Studies, and Testimonials: See our new SolidVision Blog to see what’s new with SolidWorks, our Partner Products, and what our customers are doing to make great products!
Contact: 978-376-2722  Mark Sears
New England's premier reseller of SolidWorks 3D CAD software

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