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Presentation Materials from our Workshops

We have asked our workshop presenters to allow access to the presentations, materials, talking points and notes from their session. The materials provided here are the property of the presenter and his/her company. They are intended for individual use only and cannot be distributed without the author's permission.

Using GIS Data for Model Making - Paul Cote (This presenter was unable to be with us but has kindly shared his presentation)

Strengthening your Core through Yoga/Tension Relief and Physical Balance - Amy Sullivan
Yoga Workshop Notes

New Shop Math: Formula for the Perfect Bid - Bruce Willey with Garth Sundem
Bidding jobs is tricky - check out this formula for getting it right
The Perfect Bid Explained
This does the math

Trends in Corporate Model Shops - Vince Jesus
Corporate Model Shops

Digital Revolution: Communication and Marketing - Hal Chaffee
Communicatons/Marketing talking points
Slack.Barshinger Survey Deck
Slack.Barshinger Survey Handout

Metals in Models - Jill Kenik
Metals Presentation PowerPoint

The Digital Revolution: Machines that Make - Ilan Moyer and Natan Linder

Don't see the one you're looking for?  Check back again as we will be posting presentation materials as they are received.

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