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Workshop session - 2016 (photo: C Lewis)



Conserving Models - The newly opened Foster Foundation showcases the work and influences of renowned architect Lord Norman Foster, Paul Johnson, Course Leader at Arts University Bournemouth (UK) will tell the story of recreating a significant model from Lord Foster’s career and the difficulties of conserving models, especially 3D printed ones, for future study. How long would your models last in a museum? Why might it be important to preserve them?

The History of Pattern Making - Bruce Williams, of Accurate Pattern will provide a dynamic demonstration of the unique tools, materials and techniques for creating wood foundry patterns before the advent of computers. How were patterns made strong and stable? What special knowledge did these craftspeople have? We will discuss draft, shrink, layouts, machines, some surprising tools, and more. Bruce is from a pattern-making family: his father and two brothers are pattern makers and his wife's grandfather and great-grandfather were also in the trade, creating a rich heritage that dates back to the 1800s.

From Home Brew to Dream Project: Whirlpool’s Vessi – Model maker and brew master Bob Schneider of Whirlpool Corporation approached his company about a dream project to make the home brewing process more streamlined. What followed was even more than Bob imagined. Follow along as Bob outlines the evolution of a product he could stand behind. Taste samples may, or may not, be available.

Faux Finishes - Architectural model makers and a product design model makers, while working on very different projects, often utilize similar techniques and processes for finishes. How do they achieve the texture, color, shading or faux finish necessary to make their models pop? Come explore this sometimes-elusive topic.

Metals in Models - Jill Kenik of Acropolis Studios, Inc. will provide an overview of a broad range of metal component manufacturing techniques, material selection criteria and finishing techniques. Lost wax casting, spin casting, gravity casting, flexible and rigid molds, chemical etching, electroplating, and die striking will be included in the discussion. Bring along component ideas for evaluation during the question and answer portion.

Arduinos and other Electronics in Models

The Future of 3D Printing

ABCs of Casting and Rotational Molding

3D Printing Molds for Injection Molding



From 3D Printing to Model Making - Justin Pickerd of Forerunner 3D Printing will tell how his company started a 3D printing business and soon found that model making skills were essential to their success. He'll discuss their need to upgrade their finishing and painting capabilities, how they worked with design engineers on cost vs. functionality, and their ultimate need to develop and acquire true model making skills.

Managing Personnel and Projects: Please don’t shoot the boss – Paul Chabala of Crown Equipment Corporation brings his experience as a 22-year veteran in model making, both as a model maker and currently as Model Shop manager to present techniques and solutions in managing both personnel and projects. Alternatives to “shooting the boss” will be provided.

Crowdfunding Your Project – How do you get your project financed if you’re not Daddy Warbucks or Scrooge McDuck? By crowdfunding!  Hear from those who’ve done it successfully how to harness the funding power of a group. In 2015, it is estimated that US$34 billion was raised by alternative financing and crowdsourcing. Shon Anderson of B9Creations and others will talk about their experiences and how they raised the capital to launch their company’s venture. Moderators/panelists: Bruce Willey, Paul Chabala

Generation: Maker – Though Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, Millennials, and Generation Z have many differences, we feel that they have much in common just by being makers. Explore their differences and the set of skills and talents they share and participate in some exercises to better communicate across the generations. Moderator and panelists to be announced.

Prototype and Design at NWTC - Educator Andy Nooyen of NWTC provides insight into the program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College with an overview of the course offerings, and a description of their location and shop. Andy will concentrate on what makes NWTC students employment-ready upon completion of the program. Bring your interest and questions for this illuminating session.

Leveraging Software to Improve Through-Put - Model shop manager Mike Elsholz of Steelcase Inc. shares examples of how his shop has leveraged software to manage work and minimize labor costs, effectively improving through-put. Session will encourage open discussion and the opportunity to share others' experiences and field questions.

Buying and Selling Equipment

Conservation Issues in Model Making



Your Portfolio: First Impressions Last – Your portfolio is your ticket to success. It backs up your reputation, records your progress and tells your stories. How do you make a good first impression? How do you tell the best stories? This dynamic session by Will Strange, Senior Lecturer at The Arts University Bournemouth in UK will address those questions and more.

Yoga for Model Makers: Mindfulness at the Bench – Yoga practitioner Amy Rowland will explain how being mindful can assist a model maker to navigate daily stressors, remain limber and relaxed, and remain pain-free from the start of a project until the end. Loose clothing and an open mind are recommended.

Twenty-Five Talents of the Model Maker - Explore this timely topic with Hal Chaffee of Model Builders, Inc. and Bruce Willey, as they crowdsource the many and varied talents that make model makers unique. For reference, see Hal's article Ten Talents of a Model Maker. Model makers are practically the "Swiss army knives" of the making world - come share your ideas and find out what others think in this interactive session.



Dry TransfersCamera Graphics

Applied GraphicsCamera Graphics

CNC TechnologySteve Stevenson of ICONIC CNC will discuss how to choose the right CAD/CAM software - what features are most important and how much you'll need to invest. He'll also explore how to select a CNC machine, including what features to look for and "how big is too big?" Steve will also cover the nuances of choosing a manufacturing partner - are all manufacturers equal? Learn how to quantify after-sale support before you write the check. There will be time for Q&A.

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