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Shipandinsure.com provides shipping insurance, with no deductible, through their online site for shipping models and other items of value.


Insurance through shipandinsure.com will save costs on transit insurance requirements for shipped domestic and international parcels and freight through their online site, www.shipandinsure.com.


They cover shipments by UPS, FedEx and USPS Registered, Priority and Priority Express Mail along with freight coverage, as well as cover transporting models by your car, van or truck. The insurance is sold to professional individuals and businesses that find coverage of this type very hard to come by.


In addition to extremely attractive rates, Shipandinsure offers the satisfaction of knowing packages are fully covered, no deductible, and that claims for loss or damage are usually paid within 30 days.


Shipandinsure also offers a FedEx Discount program, with potential saving as high as 40%.


Shipandinsure has already committed to being at our Grand Rapids Conference, where Elaine will answer your questions through a vendor workshop. Welcome, Shipandinsure, we look forward to seeing you at the conference in March!


Boxes await shipment at ShipandInsure

Fast shipping at ShipandInsure




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