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The 3rD Revolution: How 3D Printing Is Powering Craftsmanship in the Digital Age

Now is the dawn of the Third Industrial Revolution. 3D printing technology is driving the digital transformation of manufacturing, at long last unleashing the power of craftsmanship from the pre-industrial age. In this new era of mass customization, designers have never been more essential. And the market opportunity for model makers has never held more potential.

3D printers like the B9 Core Series turn model makers into craftsman at scale – offering the speed, resolution, and repeatability required to expand a shop’s capabilities while opening up more opportunities for customer creativity and custom design.



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For Joshua Munchow, technical development lead at Formation Design, it all started with a pain point. “Model makers face the challenge of complicated or impossible geometry, repetitive high-detail components, multi-material prints, and hard-to-make features built in to highly detailed parts that eat up production time with other processes.”


B9 Creations’ 3D printers deliver repeatable accuracy and impressive resolution on a deadline – a cornerstone of the reputation Jill Kenik, of Acropolis Studios Model Works, has built over three decades in jewelry and model making. “In my specialty, models have to be crisp, clean. The philosophy of my studio, Acropolis Studios Model Works, is one of always producing the best possible model, regardless of technique. The B9Creations 3D printer was really the first 3D printer that could compete quality-wise with my CNC mills for the high-detail, small-scale work that is my forte.” Rather than spending three to four days milling, with any error along the way requiring a restart, Jill now creates a model car in under a day.


For Bruce Wiley, former model shop manager at Ziba Design, the final litmus test of any 3D printing company is the people behind the product. “Be responsive to problems,” a sentiment echoed by Joshua. “Top value is aftersales support, hands down.” That’s why Jill chose B9Creations. “It’s among the best in the business” for proven tech support.



Locomotive miniatures – Modelu
Locomotive miniatures – Modelu



Locomotive miniatures – Modelu




As we embark on this new revolution where faster production, lower costs, simplified logistics, and increased flexibility streamline the process from design to production, we return to where we began – with people.


3D printing enables you to meet the unique needs of the customer, developing models that couldn’t be milled today in ways once thought impossible. You’ve always cherished craftsmanship. Now it’s easier than ever to scale.



Greek Sculptures




Competition teams as Mt. Rushmore faces – Intercollegiate Computer Programming Contest and South Dakota School of Mines & Technology



To learn more about integrating 3D printing into your workflow, visit or contact us at [email protected] or (605) 787-0652.



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