Education: Endorsement of the Arts University at Bournemouth

submitted by Nathan McCaughan, APMM VP of Education                                                            


In the three years since the APMM started endorsement of higher education programs - the places that make model makers - two excellent schools that fit our standards have received endorsement. The first was Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The second, and most recent, endorsement has been granted to the Arts University at Bournemouth across the pond in the UK.

We began the process of this endorsement relationship with Will Strange at the last conference in Greenville, SC. It quickly became evident that the program at Bournemouth would be a perfect fit for our endorsement.

There are three main guidelines a program must meet to gain our endorsement. First, we have education requirements. They need to address the skills needed to be a current competitive model maker in today’s industries. Second, we require a tour of the facilities. (Unfortunately, but understandably in Bournemouth’s case we settled for some photos and a video tour.) It is an impressive place to learn. Lastly, there is information that we request annually to ensure the program is keeping its high standards. These requests include things like student portfolios and graduation placement percentages.

The endorsement process is pretty painless overall and it gives me great exposure to these fine learning centers. It’s been twenty years since I went to school so it’s been so much fun to see what the new crop is up to. We have our eyes on a few other programs for endorsement and we will let you know if, and when, they are endorsed by the APMM.



Soldering at the Arts University at Bournemouth


Shaping a project

Spacious and light-filled studio

Safety first at AUB


Routing in the workshop

 Laser scanning a clay model
   Nathan McCaughan
VP of Education, APMM

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