President's Letter


YOU are the APMM…

Planning for the 2018 APMM conference in Grand Rapids is in full swing! We’ve booked the host hotel and conference center, are scheduling tours, and sorting out dining menus. Many small details are starting to come together. But the one thing that I think is most critical: the workshops… is hung up. We have looked at lists from past conferences for workshop sessions and considered what people found most valuable. Despite hundreds of our members clicking on the Workshops article on the Conference E-News, only a handful of members have sent an email expressing interest in presenting.


You ARE the APMM?

Your participation in the conference is what makes it a valuable learning experience. You can also define and add to that experience by doing more than simply showing up. The APMM needs you to share your knowledge, the techniques you have developed and honed, and your passion for building. We need you to speak up to focus our workshops on the topics you want to learn about.


You are THE APMM.

I think the greatest lesson I have learned from serving as President of the APMM is that I can’t get discouraged when I don’t get a response to a request. Maybe I need to approach my “ask” in a different way.

So to take a little different tack, I’ll go with this: No one understands the work a model maker does quite like another model maker. You are the expert. You have the knowledge. You have trained for years even if you didn’t realize it, and things you consider common everyday techniques are new ideas to others. And you need to share because you are the APMM.


You are the APMM!

So now’s the time to have a little self-brainstorm and think about what your favorite part of model making is. What’s your niche and why? I think you’ll find that talking about something you’re passionate about isn’t all that difficult. That’s why you’re part of the APMM. Because YOU ARE THE APMM!

We’ll soon be reaching out to you on how you can contribute by helping us offer workshops that will share our members’ ideas, thoughts, work, passion, because you are the APMM. And the APMM is just an acronym without YOU.


Pete Mack
President of the APMM



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