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APMM's Vision


Our Vision
The Association of Professional Model Makers (APMM) is dedicated to securing the future of model making while honoring traditional methods. We believe that a Model Maker’s contributions are an essential component in the design and development process.

Wilson Butler Architects - Perf Arts Center - Richmond VA - 1/8thscale
Our Mission
Our mission is to offer our members, and the model making community at large, professional communication, education,  leading edge technology, and resource connection while honoring the traditional skills vital to model making and the realization of new ideas.

The APMM fulfills its mission through:

Professional communication

  1. Promotes peer-to-peer communication via online Q&A forum (Member’s Internet List Exchange - MILE) and through regularly held conferences
  2. Publishes quarterly e-Newsletter for sharing information, celebrating milestones, and fostering connections between our members
  3. Hosts interactive website to help our members link with those seeking their services, encourage vendor alliances, and educate the general public about the model making profession

Education and learning

  1. Fosters alliance between educational institutions and model making businesses
  2. Offers training and continuing education through conference workshops and regional training seminars (coming soon)
  3. Enables resource sharing between members via the MILE online forum
  4. Facilitates internship and career advancement opportunities for student and professional members

Leading edge technology

  1. Connects vendors providing materials, services and equipment to the model making industry with the professionals who use them
  2. Encourages sharing of problem-solving abilities through innovative uses of existing materials and methods and pioneering new ones.

Resource connection

  1. Locate a professional model making company to make your prototype or model
  2. Find a vendor of model making supplies or tools
  3. Search for employment or student internship in the model making field
  4. Locate a school with model making curriculum or degree plan
  5. Connect to resources, conferences and training to improve your professional skills

Model Builders, Inc. - Corvette transmission Cut-away

Our Purpose
The APMM is the only organization exclusively for professional Model Makers. We believe there is no better place for the brightest and most experienced professionals, students, educators, and the best vendors of materials and equipment in the field to interact and share ideas.

The APMM is an international community of nearly 800 professional Model Makers, students, educational institutions, freelancers and corporations. We represent and unite a diverse and unique industry of architectural, automotive, consumer products, displays and dioramas, engineering prototypes, film/special effects, industrial design and toy sculpting.

We provide members the opportunity to interact with their colleagues through a range of membership options: student, professional individual, model shop/studio and group memberships. Our members can get involved and remain at the forefront of technology and industry advancements while improving their professional development and through organizational leadership opportunities.

Questions? Comments?  Contact APMM at [email protected].

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