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READ: "Workshop Presenters Guide"

Present a workshop session (60-90 minutes) and earn $100!

To claim your cash "reward", follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Contact the APMM HQ Office at to suggest a topic or express your interest in a topic from our list.
  2. Prepare an outline of your presentation. Powerpoints, slideshows and handout materials are great, but more important is covering a topic with passion and experience.
  3. Once approved, your workshop will be promoted in all conference materials, on our website, and in handouts.
  4. Conference coordinators will work with you to schedule your workshop session within our Saturday/Sunday calendar.
  5. You present the workshop in Grand Rapids! Those attending the session will appreciate your insights, experience, and expertise.
  6. We give you a crisp $100 bill to use however you wish.

YOU CAN DO IT! We can help!

(These are just a few to get you started. If you have something different in mind, let us know!)

  • Faux finishes for architectural and product design models
  • 3D scanning processes and techniques
  • Casting and molding
  • Project and cost management
  • Using Arduinos and electronics in models (make and take)
  • Crafting a power portfolio or resume
  • Lighting effects in models
  • Adding movement to models through motors and actuators
  • Hiring and management practices
  • Laser cutting techniques
  • 3D printing and materials discussion
  • Miniatures in models
  • Shop safety and OSHA inspections
  • Marketing your model shop
  • Designing and optimizing shop spaces
  • Refining communication in the model shop and with clients
  • Old school tools and techniques
  • Foam core 101
  • Metals in models
  • Paint systems and color matching
  • Make your own shop furniture and fixtures
  • How to recruit the right person for the job


Why Should YOU Present a Workshop?

APMM Conferences are the only place around the world that showcases developments, recognizes innovation, and proposes topics for discussion that will set the model making industry standard for the next few years. Presenting a workshop at the APMM Conference will reflect that your company is a technology leader and key innovator in the model making industry.

Presenters don't have to be "professors" or "reality TV stars" - just choose a topic that you know a lot about, gather some photos that illustrate that topic, bring along samples or a demo, then lead the conversation. Your fellow workshop participants will provide an engaged and involved audience!


Fine print guidelines and disclaimer: Only registered Conference attendees are eligible for the $100 cash payment. Vendors showcasing their own products or services are not eligible. Group participants in a roundtable or panel are not eligible; panel leader or moderator may be eligible. All workshops must be approved in advance and included in the schedule. The APMM reserves the right to make changes to the schedule or cancel sessions.

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