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ICONIC Inc. manufactures and markets CNC products throughout North America. The company’s ultimate goal is to create an unparalleled product, and an amazing user experience that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their CNC expertise.


“What differentiates us from the rest of our industry is our support infrastructure,” says owner Steve Stevenson. “The foundation of our company is built on developing a relationship with our customers, and understanding their needs. Our training resources are consistently being updated based on valuable customer feedback. Our Team is always available to lend a hand; whether it is through our website, via email, or our toll-free number.”


ICONIC was featured this summer in Living London Ontario, a publication in their area, which highlighted the company’s products and passion. Check it out here: http://www.livingldnont.com/blog/iconic-cnc-a-new-take-on-woodworking-technology


To find out more, check out these videos:


An introduction to ICONIC



Our i2015 CNC Machine carving a deep profile sign



Our i2015 CNC Machine performing a V-Bit carving on a piece of Live Edge, to add a logo to a serving board



Our i2015 CNC Machine carving a 3D Star Wars Naboo N1 Starfighter






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