Getting a Job: Advice for Model Makers

submitted by Hal Chaffee

Need help in organizing for and improving the odds of getting a professional model making job?

Job search expert RitaSue Siegel wrote the book, "Getting an Industrial Design Job"  and it contains some of the best advice a model maker searching for a job could get. This article should be especially useful to student model makers.

This 38 page online book consists of six parts.

Part 1: Research
Part 2: How to get an interview
Part 3: How to evaluate your skills
Part 4: Portfolio Advice
Part 5: Interviewing Advice
Part 6: This Web's for you

Here is the link: 

Written for the American Institute of Graphic Designers (AIGA), this site has similar advice but at 128 pages, a lot more content. See:

Additional guidance on resumes, portfolios and interviewing are available from RitaSue Siegel Resources website.


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